Today's Opinions

  • Loyalty owed

    SANTA FE — If Gov. Bill Richardson had received as much media coverage for his presidential bid as he has for his Obama endorsement, he would have been in the top tier of candidates.It has been fascinating to see how an endorsement that was judged not to mean anything has meant so much to so many people. Bill Richardson has received much more than his predicted one day of publicity for endorsing Barack Obama.Not all that notice has been good, but if any publicity is good publicity, Richardson is doing very well indeed.

  • Mil Gracias

    I would like to take this time to thank several businesses for their contribution to the Youth Athletic Basketball League Junior Timberwolves team. I took the initiative to coach for the first time and I was pleased to see so many businesses support our youth. Thank you to Veronica Allen and the entire Wal-Mart staff for your donation. Thank you to the Community First Bank and the Bank of Las Vegas. Thank you to Cody, Kim Smith and the Watrous Valley Ranch. Thank you to the Elks Lodge #20. Thank you to the Las Vegas Police Officers Association.

  • Obama, race and America

    Last Monday, almost four score ago, Csar Chvez was born. Then, forty years ago this Friday, Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. And in between one man’s birthday and another man’s death, the world was changed for the better.Chvez and King started out as victims of the brutal racism that once helped define America, but they stood up to their oppressors and led their people to higher ground.

  • Elections make a difference

    It’s a wonderful thing about democracy: During an election, voters can elect someone who will more closely represent their concerns. Last month, that’s exactly what happened in the municipal election. Despite widespread concerns about high natural gas rates and cutoff of services to hundreds of residents, former Mayor Henry Sanchez’s response was consistent: We’re doing everything right.

  • Leaving the loop

    After the first meeting of the new City Council last week, a guy in the audience told me that he decided to attend because it would be the best show in town. He wasn’t to be disappointed. The meeting proved two pieces of conventional wisdom about the new four-member council:•Mayor Tony Marquez and Councilman Cruz Roybal probably won’t be exchanging gifts at Christmas. • Council members Diane Moore and Andrew Feldman are the new insiders in the operations of city government.

  • Mil Gracias

    On March 20, the Fort Union series, Glimpses of the Past, presented “Footlights in the Foothills: A Glimpse of the Theatrical Past of Las Vegas and Fort Union.” We had a large, enthusiastic audience, and the performances were “top-notch.”I am writing to thank the people who generously offered their talents, time and energy to help make the evening successful and enjoyable: Deborah Blanche of Palomita Productions; Tim Crofton, Theatre Arts Instructor, and United World College Theatre Arts students Jonah Bailin (juggler), Gaurav Khanal (actor

  • Give names of applicants

    Last week, we agreed with Las Vegas City Schools board member Patrick Romero. This week, we’ll do just the opposite. At a recent meeting, Romero proposed the district hold forums for each superintendent finalist, so the public can ask questions. Romero’s colleagues, who insisted that only the board should have the right to ask questions, voted to shut the public out of the process.

  • This session's keys to success

    Cooperation, communication and coordination among all branches of government are the keys to a successful 2008 30-day legislative session. During this session, the legislature will be focusing on several key areas.