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  • Work of Art: Whales failed to show up

    THE CARIBBEAN — When my wife, Bonnie, and I took a weeklong vacation to Belize formerly British Honduras, in northeastern Central America, we were both impressed.

    The trip came as a retirement present after 28 years of teaching at Highlands

    Never having entered Central America before, we couldn’t believe how organized the itinerary was. We flew from Houston but needed to get across to Ambergris Cay, a tiny island whose natives and tourists get around in tiny go-carts whose maximum speed is about 10 mph.

  • Beth Speaks for Herself - Where’s that event?

    By Beth Urech

    Ever heard a bellowing elephant in heat? Neither have I; however, the sound may sound like someone practicing the baritone sax in the living room. The noise is so unmusical that Java howls while I search for earplugs. Wait! “Java, let’s take a stroll around the block.”

  • America must come together

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from The (Bryan-College Station, Texas) Eagle and was published on Oct. 30.

    We all need to step back and take a breath.

    We are nearing the end of a long, ugly presidential campaign that has spawned great passions for one candidate or another. That is good: People should be involved in selecting their leaders.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Nov. 6, 2016
  • Another Perspective: NMHU tackling accreditation issues

    By Sam Minner

    This September, New Mexico Highlands received notice from our regional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission, that the university is on probation.

    While this is something I take very seriously, we as a community cannot let rumor and misinformation derail the positive work we have done and will continue to do to ensure Highlands is transforming to a stronger, more efficient institution we can all be proud of.

    New Mexico Highlands is accredited. Anyone who’s graduated from Highlands graduated from an accredited institution.

  • Just a Thought: I don’t like eating baloney sandwiches

    By Rick Kraft

    It was the fifth day in a row Mack had complained and his coworker, Sam, had had enough. Together they sat on a steel beam several stories above the ground with their legs dangling off the edge. They worked hard on the construction site.

    A floor at a time the building was being built. But when the noon bell rang for lunchtime, they relaxed every minute they could before the 12:30 bell reminded them they had an afternoon of work ahead.

  • Straight from the City: Toward a tech-savvy city

    The City of Las Vegas is becoming more tech-savvy than you might think.

    Our water treatment plants have forsaken liquid chlorine and are now using a combination of ultraviolet light and sodium hypochlorite to sterilize water. The sodium hypochlorite is electrically generated on site from common table salt (sodium chloride.)

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 6, 2016

    Regensberg ads are misleading
    The purpose of this letter is inform the citizens of Mora County and the state of New Mexico that the advertisements purchased by Mr. Jake Regensberg regarding the 2016 General Obligation Bond for the Mora County Complex do not express the views of the Mora County Board of Commissioners.