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  • Thumbs Oct. 23, 2015


  • Dispatch New Mexico- Who will win the state in 2016?

    By the time New Mexico’s preferential primaries roll around on June 7, some 40 other states will have already voted for their party’s candidate. That means there’s a good chance the nation’s Democrats and Republicans will have already decided who their nominees will be, even if it isn’t official until they hold their national conventions in July 2016.

    But no worries, New Mexicans will still get to vote in the November general election — and that could actually make a difference in a close race.

  • Editorial cartoon - Oct. 21
  • Doing the right thing

    Saturday will mark the second anniversary of the deaths of Cochise Bayhan, 56, and Alex Montoya, 61, two boarding home patients who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the backyard shed where they were being housed.

    Denise A. Encinias, 42, and Jose Encinias, 49, the operators of the “boarding home” had been scheduled to stand trial for those deaths this week. Just days before that trial was to have begun, the couple entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. They each pleaded no contest to two counts of neglect of a resident resulting in death, second degree felonies.

  • Work of Art: Cleansing Playboy magazine

    What? Playboy’s becoming sanitized. Thus read the headline in one of countless newspapers and magazines over Hugh Hefner’s decision to stop featuring nudes in the publication that spurred the nudity trend on Dec. 1, 1953, with a revealing photo of Marilyn Monroe.

    Playboy, “the magazine that men read for its intelligent articles (the daring photos of women being purely incidental), has decided to cover up feminine attributes. Hefner’s plan to pitch the pulchritude is probably predicated by the plenitude of provocative poses on our PC. Wrrronngg. (More on that in a few paragraphs).

  • Finally, a good debate

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from The New York Times and was originally published on Oct. 14.

    It was impossible not to feel a sense of relief watching the Democratic debate after months dominated by the Republican circus of haters, ranters and that very special group of king killers in Congress. For those despairing about the future of American politics, here was proof that it doesn’t have to revolve around candidates who pride themselves on knowing nothing or believe that governing is all about destroying government.

  • Editorial cartoon - Oct. 18
  • Another Perspective: Mediation week in New Mexico

    By Edward L. Chavez

    The New Mexico Supreme Court declared the week of October 11, 2015 as Mediation Week. If you or your business are in a lawsuit or know that soon you will be in a lawsuit, you may be concerned about the potential costs and time involved in resolving the dispute. If so, mediation in the courts is a less expensive and time-consuming option available to you.