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  • Editorial cartoon - March 23, 2015
  • Dispatch New Mexico - Revitalizing small towns requires change

    There’s a man running around the county talking about small towns and whether or not they have a future. Earlier this month, he visited Raton.

    Given the topic, I’ll bet he gets a lot of speaking engagements. Raton is just one of thousands of small towns that are struggling, as urbanization builds up the cities and decimates rural communities everywhere.

    His name is David J. Ivan, he hails from Michigan and he’s been studying the plight of small towns for years now.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - March 20, 2015

    They may not have come home with a state title, but the West Las Vegas Dons have nothing to be embarrassed about. The Dons played well in the state championship game on Saturday, at one point coming within five points of Hope Christian, which won its third consecutive state title. The Dons had an incredible season under head basketball coach David Bustos, finishing their season with 24 wins and just six losses. This is the first time the Dons have made it to the state title game since 2008.

  • Editorial cartoon - March 20, 2015
  • Another perspective - Sunshine lights the way for good government

    By Gregory P. Williams

    Sunshine Week is March 15-21, 2015. This national initiative is designed to bring better awareness to the importance of open government. Here at home, the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government  is also celebrating its 25th anniversary as the only organization in our state solely dedicated to protecting your right to know. Our mission is to make sure that our public officials comply with our state’s sunshine laws ­— the Inspection of Public Records Act and the Open Meetings Act.

  • Another perspective - Griego explains his resignation

    Editor’s note: The following statement was prepared by Phil Griego the day he resigned his Senate seat.

    By Phil Griego

    I have informed my colleagues in the New Mexico Senate that, effective today, I am resigning my elected position as state senator in District 39.

    It is not something I ever anticipated — even 24 hours ago — and it is a painful decision.

  • Another perspective - Legislative budget is sound, responsible

    The $6.2 billion state budget approved by the Legislature is a responsible spending plan that emphasizes the need for quality education, child well-being and safety and public safety, even in the face of flat state revenue.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 20, 2015

    Regressive tax hurts citizens
    We taxpayers get saddled with a three-quarters-of-a-million dollar county purchase. Said purchase is quickly followed by the most regressive tax-hike available and no one sees a connection.
     This regressive tax affects our citizens in the lowest income brackets — the others can travel to Las Cruces, etc. to eat at Applebee’s, etc., while the rest of us must pay the regressive tax on local purchases.