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  • Beth Speaks for Herself - World-class saxophone player returns

    Richie Cole is coming to town.At 7 p.m.  Friday at The Palms Ballroom, located on the south side of our plaza, you’ll get to hear a world-class sax player.

    Hopefully, The Palms will have painted their faded sign.

    This is Cole’s fourth performance in Las Vegas, so if you have been living here forever, you’ve probably already heard this musician, who writes and arranges big band-like music for seven musicians including four horns.

  • Editorial Cartoon - May 31, 2017
  • Haitians shouldn’t lose status

    The following editorial was published in the Miami Herald on May 23:

    South Florida Haitian nationals who have been temporarily protected from deportation last week received what appeared to be good news. But in fact, it’s very bad news.

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security Director John Kelly announced that the United States will extend Temporary Protected Status of 58,706 Haitians, many of them residents of Miami-Dade and Broward, for another six months, not the hoped-for 18 months. The benefit was set to expire in July.

  • Work of Art: OK — Maybe Facebook is addictive

    I confess various aspects of social media are addictive. I have been a user of Facebook for a few years; two sons correspond with me regularly, as do three daughters-in-law.

    One son won’t touch Facebook, and it took years to persuade my wife, Bonnie.

  • Drones are tools, not toys

    The following editorial was published in the Los Angeles Times on May 24:

    What is a drone? Is it just a new version of the model aircraft that decades of schoolchildren have flown in their backyards and parks with little harm to people or property? Or is it a far more dangerous, often much more substantial, piece of machinery that can fly thousands of feet in the air, requires little or no training to get off the ground and can cause serious damage?

  • Editorial Cartoon - May 28, 2017
  • Straight from the City: City and county collaborate on many topics

    The city of Las Vegas and the County of San Miguel recently met in a two-day public symposium to strategize in a way that some participants said was a historic first.

    Arthur Padilla, the longest-serving County Commissioner in New Mexico, said he had never seen the city and county join hands like this to work towards solutions to our common problems.

    Las Vegas Mayor Tonita Gurulé-Girón agreed.

  • Just a Thought: What happens in the exchange zone?

    By Rick Kraft

    It is what happens in the exchange zone that counts. We hold the baton we run with for such a short period of time. We receive it from another, carry it for a while, and then hand off to the one who follows.

    In track and field competitions, there are team relay events whose goal is for a team of runners to cover the course as quickly as possible, carrying a baton from the starting line to the finish line. Because the race is a team event, how well you finish the race depends on the actions of others.