Today's Opinions

  • Unrealistic promises

    In their gubernatorial campaigns, Republican Susana Martinez and Democrat Diane Denish are trying to point out their differences.

    But on major budgetary issues, they are very much aligned. Both candidates promise not to raise taxes and pledge to protect schools and Medicaid from cutbacks.

    Of course, both are politicians and know it’s bad politics to advocate budget hikes and spending reductions.

  • Letter: Massive publicity is noteworthy

    The Heritage Week Committee — consisting of the Las Vegas Arts Council, El Zocalo Gallery, Meadow City Camera Club, Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance, Immaculate Conception School, Hispanic Folk Art  Show,  Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation, and Blessing of the Waters (a collaboration between Our Lady of Sorrows Church and Immaculate Conception Church),  MainStreet Las Vegas, Fort Union National Monument, Tome on the Range, Ilfeld Auditorium, Ray Drew Gallery, Plaza Hotel,  Fort Union Drive-In Theater, Arts & Cultural District of L

  • Letter: Few jobs, but lots of problems

    I sympathize with A.M. Maestas about lack of work in the county. I would love to see full employment here in El Valle. I’m one of many who are underemployed, and I don’t want to see anyone unemployed.

    At the same time, I’m thankful that the county commissioners are taking a hard look at what an industrial wind facility would bring; besides a few jobs for local residents (the vast majority of the work would go to out-of-state people).

  • Letter: Give city a seat, then move forward

    Las Vegas is the annual Fourth of July Fiesta, and the Fiesta is Las Vegas.

    The enormous undertaking of the Fiesta Council may not be fully realized by the rest of us.  For years the council has successfully put on the best Fiestas, second to none. We owe much gratitude to those serving and those who have served on this very important council.

    Not being privy to all the facts of what happened this year, I can only say that since the city contributes a large amount in services, it seems logical that the city be represented in this council.

  • Editorial Thumbs

    Thumbs DOWN for ... SEPTEMBER 11 RESIDUALS. On the eve of the ninth year since “our world changed,” we can’t help but ponder our national condition. We are winding down one war that we were deceptively pushed in to, while escalating another war that, had we kept our focus, may have been resolved years ago. And at home, we’re arguing over the right of a particular religion to build near our future national monument at ground zero.

    Let’s hope we’re doing better at the 10 anniversary.

  • Letter: Remembering a sister's spirit

    My sister died on Aug. 29 of cancer. She bravely battled this wretched disease.  In Timothy, Chapter 4,  he said: “He peleado la buena batalla, he terminado la carrera, he guardado la fe.” In English, I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”

  • Letter: A well-written, reasonable letter

    I opened the Sept. 6 Optic to find what I thought was an opening volley in the race for New Mexico’s governor. Instead Susie Tsyitee’s letter was well-written, clear, to the point and, most importantly, it didn’t attack anyone. It was a pleasure reading her letter and while I may disagree with Ms. Tsyitee’s political preferences, I certainly will examine the stands of both candidates.

    Milton Deemer

    Las Vegas


  • The Fiesta meeting

    When folks ask us if the Optic has an agenda, we readily admit that we do — pushing openness.

    In August, the Las Vegas Fiesta Council saw fit to kick out the public at the beginning of its meeting. That meant that City Councilwoman Diane Moore, 2009 Fiesta queen Carmela Montoya and an Optic reporter had to leave.

    The reason given: The council planned to discuss pending litigation.