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  • Editorial Roundup - September 13, 2015

    Compiled by The Associated Press
    The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on common core in New York (Sept. 6).
    Parents and teachers, pay attention.
    New York state is temporarily turning back the clock on Common Core. We are traveling back to 2010, when the initial standards were adopted. Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to take another look at the “standards, curriculum, guidance and tests.” He says he wants to find out what went wrong and fix it.

  • Letters to the Editor - Sept. 13, 2015

    Coalition pushing for more wilderness area
    A diverse grassroots coalition of conservation minded forest professionals, business owners, non- profit organizations, State and Tribal elected officials and New Mexicans from all walks of life, are hard at work to advocate for the designation of 120,000 acres of The Pecos Wilderness as Federal Wilderness or Special Management Area. This designation will protect the clean air, fresh water and recreational area that the counties Santa Fe, San Miguel, Taos, Mora and Rio Arriba counties have come to enjoy.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Sept. 11, 2015


  • Editorial cartoon - Sept. 11
  • Dispatch New Mexico - Space exploration by way of NM

    Did you know that New Mexico has a “space trail”?

    It includes more than 50 specific locations around the state and spans the ages — from a mountaintop called Wizard’s Roost in Lincoln County, where prehistoric New Mexicans aligned stones to the summer and winter solstices, to the Socorro County’s Magdalena Ridge Observatory, one of many modern-day astronomical observatories around the state.

  • Kentucky’s martyr

    Congratulations to Kim Davis, a misguided county clerk in Kentucky, who has succeeded in turning herself into a martyr for the anti-gay–marriage movement.

    On Tuesday, presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz announced that they were planning jailhouse meetings with Davis.

  • Editorial cartoon - Sept. 9
  • Work of Art: People say it’s only natural

    Why am I pacing like an expectant father? Why do I wake up suddenly at night, look around to assure myself that our two “daughters” are safely ensconced in their beds?

    Let me explain, and there’s much to explain:

    By now, several of you may have read my Facebook post that explains my family’s hosting of two exchange students for the school year. They’re part of the AFS Intercultural Program that places students from other countries with American households.