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  • Editorial:Time to act on driver’s licenses

    It’s been entertaining to watch Gov. Susana Martinez and Democrats in the state Legislature duke it out year after year over the governor’s desire to repeal the state law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain New Mexico driver’s licenses.

    But the time for political theatre is over.

  • A Work of Art: That blasted password

    Arrrggg! That blasted password! For as long as I’ve paraded my technological ineptness, I’ve been cursed by the password, that brilliant invention designed to help people along but now behaves like a bank vault.

    Seriously, does a password ever do anything but prevent the user — the poor sap who paid good money for the computer — from gaining access?

  • Editorial cartoons - Nov. 1, 2015
  • Editorial cartoons - Nov. 1, 2015
  • Editorial: A sad state of affairs

    When the Optic broke the news that Mora Superintendent Charles Trujillo had faked his credentials in order to obtain his administrative license, Charles Goodmacher, a spokesman for the National Education Association New Mexico, asked a simple question:

    “If the allegations are true, who will hold them responsible for failing to demonstrate to the students of Mora, Luna Community College and NMHU the values of upholding high ethical and moral standards as required by our professional code of ethics?” he asked.

  • Letters to the Editor - Nov. 1, 2015

    Good job in exposing Mora school scandal

    I wish to congratulate the staff of the Optic on the recent expose’ regarding the Charles Trujillo mess involving his being hired as the Mora Superintendent after falsifying several facts in various applications.

  • Just a Thought - Awakening the wonder from within you

    On a scale of one to 10, how would you score yourself on how much “wonder” you have in your life?

    Do you live a life of wonder? When is the last time you truly had wonder in your life? Or is your life empty of wonder? Where did it go? How can you get it back?

    My wife and I just got back from the Catalyst conference in Atlanta that we attend each year. The theme this year was “Awaken the Wonder.” It was a great theme supported by many great speakers. I will share some thoughts gleaned from the conference.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Patients at Valmora Sanatorium wore mostly pajamas, slept outdoors

    Yes, I am a news junkie, and I watch several news programs on TV, and one of my favorite state news programs is “New Mexico in Focus” Friday nights, with host Gene Grant. I was happily surprised recently when he and his panel of political experts praised our Las Vegas Optic features editor Mercy López and publisher Martin Salazar for their in-depth news story about the recent Mora school superintendent.