Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Accused DWI offender was hurt

    In reporting the story on John Roybal, the words allegation and allegedly were used loosely. The word “fact,” I believe, did not appear. Here are some points to consider.

  • Letter: Thoughts after a loved one's death

    At this time we would like to thank the jury for their time and verdict, the Fourth District Attorney Richard Flores, Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney Tom Clayton, State Prosecutor Amber Hirsch, other members for the district attorney’s office who followed up during the hearings leading up the the trail and the Las Vegas Police Department detectives and offices who took part in the investigation of this crime.

    The prosecution team did an awesome job in presenting the case for the family and friends of the victim Timoteo M. Jaramillo.

  • Guest column: Tax junk, not healthy, food

    The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce recently proposed that New Mexico reimpose the tax on food. If the GACC wants to raise taxes, a wiser strategy would be a targeted tax on junk food, rather than making necessities like fruits, vegetables and baby food more expensive for New Mexico families.

  • Work of Art: Polyglot or polliwog?

    It’s always been fun to play with the language. Rather than being a drudge, English can be fascinating. It is to me.

    Let me explain: Several years ago, I served on a committee charged with the hiring of the editor for La Mecha, Highlands’ weekly newspaper. One of the applicants was Eva, an Austrian-born woman who spoke English, Spanish, German and French. She’d been my student in several journalism courses, and naturally, I recommended her. I told the group that Eva was a polyglot.

  • Letter: Baca Jr. running on his own accord

    Our son Joseph P. Baca Jr. has decided to enter the race for City Council in Ward 4. He did so after several people encouraged him to seek the position. Both my wife and I were very surprised when he informed us that he was seriously considering entering the race.

  • Editorial: West should send message

    It shouldn’t take a newspaper to get action on an allegation of drunken driving. But that’s what happened over the last couple of weeks.

    Three weeks ago, the Optic started asking around about a crash involving a West Las Vegas vehicle, which occurred in early August in Moriarty. We then got the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department’s full report.

  • Another Perspective: Victims of their own perception

    During a recent phone conversation with my brother this holiday season, he offered a pretty rough evaluation of my chosen profession.

    He layered on his indictment with a pinch of brotherly carria, and a fist full of spite, “Eeee Sergio, I hate to tell you this bro… but the media is all messed up.”

  • As It Is: Is it micromanagement?

    The mayor and Las Vegas City Council members always like to say they don’t micromanage. They insist they let the city manager do his job.

    That’s great — if it’s true. The council should set policy, while the manager should run the day-to-day operations of city government.

    One of the low points of Mayor Tony Marquez’s term was when his handpicked city manager, Sharon Caballero, abruptly resigned, accusing the mayor of micromanagement.