Today's Opinions

  • Cultural sustainability

    “Cultural sustainability”: renewing and maintaining human cultures that create positive enduring relationships. “Sustainability” encompasses more than our Earth, caring for our earth is important. Social, cultural and economic sustainability are very important too.

  • A couple of bad ideas

    When Gov. Bill Richardson was first elected more than eight years ago, he pledged an open government. It didn’t exactly happen. And when Gov. Susana Martinez was elected last year, she made essentially the same promise. She’s not off to such a bad start in that regard, but only time will tell if her administration is serious about keeping state government open to public scrutiny. More often, a politician is far more committed to openness when running for office than when in office.

  • Publisher's Note: 'Las Vegas, New Mexico'

    I’m going to take a chance here, by publishing lyrics to a song. It’s written by Jim Terr, a Las Vegas native who lives mostly in Santa Fe scratching out a living as a singer-songwriter and making off-beat videos.

    He’s also a big Vegas booster, as his work attests to (google him if you want to see for yourself). He gets much of his inspiration from right here at home.

  • Courthouse ghost haunting Mora?

    Joe Vigil (Channel 4) did a good job investigating the new courthouse building in Mora County and reporting, but I personally feel that the ghost that lived in the old courthouse is coming back to haunt for having destroyed his home. Without need.

  • Nuestra Historia - The 36 original grantees

    The Las Vegas Land Grant was made in 1835 to 36 grantees, who were for the most part from San Miguel del Bado.

  • Orgullo del Norte - The people’s history

    Editor’s note: This the first of a series of articles intended to lead up to the unveiling of a community mural depicting the history of Las Vegas.

    “American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.”  — James Baldwin

    The principal reason why we don’t repeat the terrible side of history is due to nationalism. You will find this to be true in the history books of most nations.

  • Students were attentive

    To Ms. Brenda Ortega, James Madison Scholar at Robertson High School:

    Just a short note to express our gratitude for inviting us to share some time with your civic and history students We are proud to have been part of the NMHU student movement of the ’60s and to share our experiences with your students.

  • Recognize the union

    The (Feb. 9) article on the local hospital was interesting. But why does the management not recognize the union? The workers voted for union representation and have been supported by the community.

    Why must the hospital wait until it is required by the government to negotiate with the workers?

    Meredith Britt
    Las Vegas