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  • Former fire chief was a pioneer

    On March 14, 2014, the small community of Gallinas Canyon lost one of its most treasured pioneers, Luis Martinez.

    Although Mr. Martinez’s accomplishments were many, I will only address one at this time. My personal experience alongside Luis Martinez during the implementation of a volunteer fire department in our beloved canyon is what I wish to speak of.

    La Placita Volunteer Fire Department got its beginning in 1995 due in most part to fulfill a dream that Mr. Martinez had.

  • Carnegie entrance needs work

    I began using Carnegie Library shortly after I moved here 13 ½ years ago. I sat for a few years on the Library Board and thereafter, spent some time weeding and organizing the “rare book room.”

  • Unions make us strong

    Like the editorial board of the Optic (Monday, March 24), we are elated at the announcement (Friday, March 21) that the management of Alta Vista Regional Hospital and District 1199 of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Workers have finally negotiated a contract. We were not so elated at the news, also in Friday’s Optic, that Gov. (Susana) Martinez may try to prevent union dues for state workers from being withheld from their paychecks, thereby greatly weakening the unions involved.  

  • Residents need a rational approach

    In response to a letter to the editor in the Las Vegas Optic dated May 21, 2014, and submitted by Mary Vermillion, Ojo Feliz, N.M., I find the comments she puts in her letter extremely offensive to the people of Mora. The people have been guardians of these lands for hundreds of years, and unfortunately in the recent past some people, have been remiss in their duty to the Creator to be caretakers of the Mother Earth.

  • En Mora, el agua es vida

    Is the right to property more valuable and important than the right to life?

    Greetings to all proud residents of Mora County. My name is Nancy E. Quintana, Colombian by birth, lawyer by profession and now adopted daughter of Mora County. This letter is written in Spanish, mother tongue of the people of Mora.

  • Nuestra Historia - San Miguel was Port of Entry to New Mexico

    By Jesus L. Lopez

    For the Optic