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  • Rock on, Rough Riders

    I would like to say a big Thank You to Mike and Benito and all the committee members of the Rough Riders Motorcycle group for the courtesies and kindness extended to me at Saturday’s rally and rodeo. I am 75 years young and enjoyed the rally, as I have every year.

    To the few that complain and say it’s too noisy, I say it’s no more disturbing than the diesel pickup trucks that drive our city streets every day .... and yet you complain about three days out of 365.

  • Rally benefits our community
  • Don’t stereotype motorcyclists

    Obviously John Gamertsfelder is not a fan of motorcycle riders. I do, however, support the Rough Rider Rally and am appreciative of the many people who graciously donate their time to put the event together. I attend numerous rallies and I think our rally ranks right up there as far as activities and entertainment. I disagree with (Gamertsfelder’s) statement that “many Vegeños” leave town during the rally. I saw a large number of local people at the rally this year and not all are motorcycle riders.

  • Motorcyclist offended by letter

    I Just finished reading Mr. Gamertsfelder’s lengthy letter regarding the Rough Rider Rally and had to respond. First off I take exception to being called a “Bandit” as he referred to motorcycle riders. I am a professional person and love to ride in the back of my husband’s Harley. My husband is a disabled vet and rightly so this earned Mr. Gamertsfelder a right to complain. However, given this rally is three days out of 365, maybe this should be when he should schedule a much-needed vacation instead of sitting at his desk writing letters.

  • We shouldn’t become a police state

    If you object to the National Security Agency collecting all your emails and phone messages, you are among a majority of Americans, according to a recent McClatchy-Marist poll. If you think that you have a right to know that the government is spying on you, thank Edward Snowden, who revealed the secret program.

  • View on abortion based on science

    The foundation of my thinking on abortion is based on science. I wish you all could take classes in vertebrate embryology and genetics like I did, and then tell me abortion is not destruction of human life. Let me explain.
    Life is a continuum. Our bodies are changing constantly. It all began when a sperm fertilized an egg, and continues to this day.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Aug. 7 , 2013
  • Evaluate teachers fairly

    There’s no question in our minds that the system used to evaluate teachers needs to change.

    Effective teachers have the power to change the course of a child’s life, and they deserve to be recognized for the great work they are doing. But there are also teachers who struggle in the classroom, and that, too, needs to be brought out in the evaluation process. A good evaluation system would flag those individuals who are struggling so that they can be given the opportunity to get additional training in hopes of turning them into effective teachers.