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  • Faire a celebration of our community

    The People’s Faire was indeed a wonderful occasion for vendors, as Mercy López’s photos in ... the Optic show.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Aug. 30, 2013


  • Editorial Cartoon - Aug. 30, 2013
  • Nuestra Historia: Pablo Lopez and other early Old Town mayors

    When West Las Vegas became an incorporated municipality in 1903, Margarito Romero was elected the first mayor of the Town of Las Vegas, and a Romero would be the Republican mayor of Old Town for the next quarter century. Don Margarito, youngest of the five Romero brothers, had led the effort to incorporate the west side, with the purpose of having the Town administer the Las Vegas Land Grant, as explained in an earlier column. (See “Land Grant Prompted Town of Las Vegas in 1903,” Nuestra Historia, Sept. 28, 2012.)

  • Don’t call abortion a moral choice
  • Burglary victim speaks out

    History repeats itself? Yes it does. One year and three months ago someone walked into my house and stole my backpack. It was full of everything that was important to me. The items range from personal items to electronics.

    Fast forward 16 months during which time a lot of things have gone missing from my yard. Someone walked into my house again on Tuesday morning while I was in the kitchen filling my dog’s two-gallon tank with drinking water and took my new backpack containing many of the same items as before that I had painfully (emotionally), replaced last year.

  • Fear keeps sex abuse victims quiet

    What happens to the mind of a child, when that child is violated in a sexual way by family? Do you know? Have you felt the pain of isolation, of shame, of forbidden secrets?

    It’s almost a no-win situation, because there is public opinion, and that’s as hard to deal with as family and former friends, with ignorant comments uttered behind one’s back like: “It’s all lies, the victims are to blame,” or “why didn’t they report this when it first happened?”

  • Presidents need encouragement

    Throughout the years I have kept in touch with the presidents of the United States, starting from Ronald Reagan. It matters not whether they are Republican or Democrat. I feel that they need to hear from the grassroots, little people and know how we feel about important issues affecting Americans. The presidents have always kept in touch as well as the first ladies. These letters are my treasures.