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  • Just a Thought: Always do this in remembrance of me

    By Rick Kraft

    Everyone reading this has had some common experiences. We grew and developed in our mother’s womb. We entered this world as a newborn child. During the early years of our lives we were entirely dependent on others. Common experiences —  no exceptions.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 16, 2017

    Church’s message a refreshing thought

    No matter where you are from, we’re glad you are our neighbor.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news - April 14, 2017

    For a number of years, motorists have needed to do some creative dodging of the several manholes on Hot Springs Boulevard, near the New Mexico Behavioral Health Center. Many people have been stopped (but not necessarily ticketed) by police, who observe motorists trying to dodge the manholes, whose position on the highway is not uniform. We urge authorities to make efforts to align these manholes to avoid drivers’ having to pay for expensive front-end alignments. Swerving to avoid auto damage should NOT be a ticketable offense.

  • Editorial Cartoon - April 14, 2017
  • Dispatch New Mexico - Assessing the session and its aftermath

    Time to assess the damage. Well over 200 pieces of legislation were passed in this year’s session at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, though more than half of the bills handed over to the governor were vetoed. One Albuquerque Journal report declared Susana Martinez’s 145 vetoes this time around “the high-water mark” during her six years so far as governor.

  • Time for a clear strategy

    The following editorial was published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on April 7.

    President Trump’s decisive action in launching a missile strike against Syria has put the world on notice that the U.S. will not shy away from using force to achieve its goals. That has been a matter of some concern in recent years in light of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s history of atrocities, saber-rattling by North Korea, and increasingly aggressive behavior by Russian military against western countries.

  • Editorial Cartoon - April 12, 2017
  • Work of Art: Dream was no big deal

    Last night I had a dream. I could call it a science fiction dream, but that would be redundant, as, in retrospect, most of my dreams turn out to be unrealistic.

    No, I didn’t dream about Catherine Zeta Jones (and if I ever do, I’ll make sure my wife doesn’t hear about.) This dream lacked the kind of CZJ excitement others might dream about. Instead it was on a topic that usually causes my tummy to tie up in knots.

    But enough suspense: