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  • Work of Art: People say it’s only natural

    Why am I pacing like an expectant father? Why do I wake up suddenly at night, look around to assure myself that our two “daughters” are safely ensconced in their beds?

    Let me explain, and there’s much to explain:

    By now, several of you may have read my Facebook post that explains my family’s hosting of two exchange students for the school year. They’re part of the AFS Intercultural Program that places students from other countries with American households.

  • Ranch stories from the past

    Summertime brings out the “do you remember when?” stories from long ago here at the ranch. Last week one of our many kids who worked here during one of our busy guest ranch times came back to check out her old haunts, her old summer away from high school, then college a long time ago. There are many stories still floating around about those times here, and here is yet another one.

  • Bond reform needed

    One of the fundamental tenets of our country’s legal system is that people accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty.
    We’d guess that the vast majority of people in this state and in this country would agree that that provision, which is ensconced in both our state and federal constitutions, is sacred and must be preserved at all costs. It is, after all, the safeguard that forces the government to prove our guilt beyond a reasonable doubt should we ever be accused of committing a crime.

  • New HU president reaches out to the Las Vegas community

    By Sam Minner

  • Ending temptation before it begins

    By Rick Kraft

  • Editorial Roundup - September 6, 2015

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram on crime rates (Aug. 27):
    Be sad — but not scared
    When our newscasts and social media are inundated with reports of violent crime, we become not only fearful but forgetful.
    From the round-the-clock news updates and frightening true-crime TV shows, it’s easy to think violent crime is worse than ever.
    No. Violent crime in America is half what it was 20 years ago, according to the FBI Crime in the United States report.

  • Letters to the Editor -Sep. 6, 2015

    We must do more
    to bring jobs here
    I go to the senior center for lunch every day. Last spring, when the high school graduations were happening, many of the people at the senior center said they were sad that their grandchildren were graduating. They said they would never see them again, because the kids had to move to Albuquerque to find jobs.
    I thought about that a lot. How terribly sad. Something must be done. I live in Las Vegas. Why aren’t there jobs, here? All the people I know in the little towns in New Mexico have the same problem.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Sept. 4, 2015