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  • See something, say something

    The horrific images of Hubble and many of the other dogs that have been rescued from Las Vegas and San Miguel County in recent years are shocking. Unfortunately, those images are nothing new to animal rescue workers who consistently see some of the worst animal abuse and neglect cases coming out of our city and county.

    Veterinarians say that Hubble was 12 to 24 hours away from death. He was so malnourished that his body looked like a bag of bones, and maggots were already eating on him.

  • Editorial cartoon - Sept. 16
  • Work of Art: Las Vegas and compass points

    Remember General Halftrack, the occasional character in the Beetle Bailey comic strip, who lamented being ignored, as he never seemed to get mail from the Pentagon? Remember Rodney Dangerfield, the comedian who “didn’t get any respect?”

    Las Vegas, one of 104 incorporated communities in New Mexico, seldom gets acknowledgement and could reasonably compare itself to the general or to Dangerfield.

    Let me explain:

  • A costly lesson

    Officials at state and local agencies throughout New Mexico should take note of a ruling issued by Santa Fe District Judge Sara Singleton last week.

    Singleton ordered the state’s Public Education Department to pay more than $14,000 in legal fees because it failed to respond to a public records request submitted by the National Education Association. The $14,000 in legal fees is in addition to a $485 fine PED was ordered to pay in July for violating the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act.

  • Just a Thought - We are missing the entire racial issue

    By Rick Kraft

    There are some topics that are so controversial that whatever you say about them will offend someone. The easiest way to handle these is to not address them. Well, I think I will throw caution to the wind and do so anyway.

    We are living in a time of skin color related stresses. From Ferguson to Charleston to Baltimore, racial issues seem to be running rampant. Each of us is a package of biases and prejudices. There, I have said it. And your skin color doesn’t make you immune.

  • Another perspective - Collaboration equals success

    By Sharon Vander Meer

    Economic development is a team effort. All of us are working toward a common aim – an improved economy based on careful consideration of resources, environment, culture, history, and tradition. Each of us brings something unique to the table.

    The Las Vegas-San Miguel County Economic Development Corporation is proud to partner with MainStreet de Las Vegas, the Las Vegas-San Miguel Chamber of Commerce, and Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance to bring about planned progress.

  • Editorial cartoon - Sept. 13
  • Editorial cartoon - Sept. 13