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  • Another Perspective: Court of Appeals celebrates 50th

    Friday was the 50th anniversary of the creation of the New Mexico Court of Appeals. In 1965, the State Legislature approved a proposed constitutional amendment to create an intermediate court of appeals.

    The Legislature acted because the State Supreme Court’s burgeoning case load was resulting in unacceptable delays in the disposition of appeals. Voters overwhelmingly approved the amendment in a special election on Sept. 28, 1965.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 3, 2016

    Benavidez deserves a second chance

    I don’t know Mr. (Anthony Leroy) Benavidez and so I have no dog in the fight described in the Viewpoints column, March 23.

    But it seems to me that without further information about the type of felony he received, and how many years — or decades — ago, it is a mistake to ban him from the West Las Vegas school board.

  • Just a Thought: Learning to KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

    We have a tendency to make life more complex than it really is. So let’s try to simplify it today. Let’s break it down to its simplest level.

    Life is a series of interactions with others. Not interacting with others is not an option that is available. Because of this we must leave the comfort and security of our homes and go out and engage in interactions with others.

    Some do this well without missing a beat, but for others their stress meter tops out as they are pushed to the edge of (or even outside) their comfort zone.

  • Editorial Roundup - April 3, 2016

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Los Angeles Times on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives (March 30):

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Sewing up victims of DWI wrecks was routine for doctor

    There are many benefits to living in Northern New Mexico. A big one in my book is being able to meet, to visit with our local public servants on a one-to-one encounter. I know that this is hard to come by in our larger cities and sometimes the message at hand gets garbled by speakers who are at the lower rungs of the topic ladder.

  • Editorial Cartoon: April 1, 2016
  • Editorial Cartoon: April 1, 2016
  • Thumbs April 1, 2016

    There’s no question that drunk driving remains a serious problem in New Mexico, but it’s good to see that we finally appear to be making some progress on the problem. Gov. Susana Martinez announced last week that the number of people killed in drunken driving crashes in New Mexico last year went down by 28 percent. That marked a 36-year low for our state. Still, it’s worth noting that 122 people died in New Mexico last year because of DWI.