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  • Gov should rethink choice

    We’re glad that Carl Foster has finally dropped his lawsuit against New Mexico Highlands University.

    But the timing of his decision reeks of political maneuvering and of an attempt on his part to silence criticism over Gov. Susana Martinez’s decision to appoint him to the Highlands Board of Regents. In our view, Foster is still a bad choice for the regents, and we’re glad that his confirmation stalled in the Senate Rules Committee.

    For anyone not familiar with the lawsuit, here’s the short version:

  • Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 24, 2014
  • Just a Thought - Because of someone who came before you

    Have you ever stopped to wonder how much of your life is impacted because of someone who came before you?

    Individuals who have come before you have impacted your life in more ways than you can count.

  • Nuestra Historia - Amid uneasy truce, Smitty gets HU nod

    By Jesus L. Lopez

    On July 29, 1970, in a dramatic and alarming announcement, Board of Regents Chairman John D. Robb informed the media that Charles Graham’s request to be released from his appointment as Highlands University president, was the result of “continual harassment culminating in threatening letters addressed to Graham’s wife, and impairment of his health as a result of the harassment.” Robb also said he advised Graham to send the threatening letters to both the FBI and postal authorities.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 21, 2014
  • Gov uses NMHU as political football

    Governor Martinez had picked Carl Foster to be NMHU’s new regent. Yet he had been so angry at NMHU that he filed a suit against the school. But last Thursday he dropped the suit. So this is okay? Now he is the best candidate for the position so important to NMHU’s continued success?

  • Income inequality or effort inequality?

    Mamá, dame una galleta. Mommy, give me a cookie. We all started pretty much the same way. Dame, dame, dame (give me, give me, give me).

    Some of us grew up on the maker side of things others, on the taker side of the equation. Somewhere along the way we developed personal responsibility and initiative and actually earned our school clothes and an occasional treat to the movies.

  • Subsidies are nothing new

    In your editorial you say “We certainly understand the governor’s frustration over the state being asked to subsidize Amtrak.” Do you also understand the governor’s eagerness to subsidize oil company drilling in New Mexico? Or the space port? Or any of the other 54 subsidies listed by goodjobsfirst.org?

    I’m sure the vast majority of these subsidies went for good causes such as training costs. They no doubt benefited the workers and the communities in which those workers live.