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  • Student donates graduation money to Disability Network

    By Chris Aldridge
    Midland Daily News

    MIDLAND, Mich.  — After Sunny Kim graduated from H.H. Dow High School this year, cash flowed in from family and friends. The total reached $2,000.

    And she gave it all away.

    Kim, 18, gave her graduation money to the Disability Network of Mid-Michigan and the nonprofit U.S. chapter of Global Campaign for Education.

    “Midland has been so gracious to me,” Kim said. “I really didn’t need the money.”

  • Thumbs - July 8, 2016

    This year’s fiestas didn’t disappoint. As expected, Sparx drew a huge crowd to Plaza Park Saturday evening, and the group put on a great performance. The other groups brought in to provide entertainment for this year’s fiestas also did an amazing job. We had hundreds participate in this year’s Fiesta Run, and Monday night’s fireworks display was spectacular. The bottom line is that this year’s fiestas were a resounding success, and we applaud everyone who had a hand in putting on such a great event.

  • Dispatch New Mexico: Gov. Martinez has a precarious decision to make

    Gov. Susana Martinez is in a precarious position, and soon enough she’ll have to take a stand on the question of Donald Trump.

    As chair of the Republican Governors Association and the nation’s first and only Hispanic female governor, her endorsement would mean a lot to the presumptive Republican nominee. But he’s done nothing to deserve it, and I think she, along with a lot of New Mexicans, knows it.

  • Editorial Cartoon: June 8, 2016
  • Editorial:Young people, make votes count

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from the Lansing State Journal and was originally published on June 30.

    Why should young people vote? Does it really matter?

    The answers to these questions came with great stakes when Great Britain voted June 23 to leave the European Union, a decision dubbed “Brexit.”

  • A work of Art: Some like it extra picante

    Should I apologize for invoking the names of Ana Granado and Phaedra Wouters, our foreign exchange students, just one more time?

    I admit it and plan to write about other things in future columns.

  • Editorial Cartoon - July 3, 2016
  • Editorial: No right to die, high court says

    Terminally ill patients in New Mexico suffered another major loss last week when the state Supreme Court ruled that doctors cannot help them end their lives.

    Second Judicial District Judge Nan Nash ruled in 2014 that the New Mexico Constitution gives patients a right to have a physician’s help in dying. Nash ruled that doctors could not be prosecuted under the state’s assisted-suicide law, which makes it a fourth-degree felony to help someone commit suicide.