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  • Work of Art: Dream was no big deal

    Last night I had a dream. I could call it a science fiction dream, but that would be redundant, as, in retrospect, most of my dreams turn out to be unrealistic.

    No, I didn’t dream about Catherine Zeta Jones (and if I ever do, I’ll make sure my wife doesn’t hear about.) This dream lacked the kind of CZJ excitement others might dream about. Instead it was on a topic that usually causes my tummy to tie up in knots.

    But enough suspense:

  • Score one for balance of powers

    The following editorial was published in the New London Day (Conn.) on March 27:

    And now for our next act. The failure of the American Health Care Act to make it across home plate had the minute-by-minute drama of a closely contested game, right down to the breaking news that House Speaker Paul Ryan was “rushing” to the White House to inform the president that he couldn’t get the votes to pass the bill.

  • Editorial Cartoon - April 9, 2017
  • Another Perspective: Capital outlay reforms a go

    Reforming New Mexico’s process for selecting and paying for public works projects, which is nearly universally criticized as inefficient and wasteful, will continue through administrative steps despite the lack of an appetite this year to enact reforms into law.

  • Just a Thought: Avoiding excess to live within the margins

    By Rick Kraft

    Sometimes I think that living life is all about living within the margins. Margins are boundaries. They surround us and keep us from getting too close to the edge. They exist for a reason and without margins, we would repeatedly be hitting the edge.

    What I am saying is that we need to live our lives with healthy balances in countless areas, but to avoid an excess in any single area.

    Let me take a step back and look at the big picture.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 9, 2017

    Reconsider closure of Legion Park

    I am a retired teacher from Las Vegas City Schools. Most of my service included teaching at Legion Park Elementary School between 1987 and 2007.  
    I have read with interest about current plans to close down and demolish the school building that houses Legion Park Elementary. I am most concerned because of inaccurate information that has been used to justify the closure and demolition of the Legion Park building.

  • Editorial Roundup - April 9, 2017

    The San Francisco Chronicle on U.S. relations with China:

    Normally it’s better to skip the buildup and measure the outcome when a White House occupant meets a powerful foreign leader. Hype gets in the way of results.

    But this week’s two-day visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping with President Trump at his Florida country club bears contemplating in advance. The careful and all-powerful Chinese leader will be sitting down with a U.S. leader who is nothing like him.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news - April 7, 2017

    Winning two out of three is admirable. That’s what the West Las Vegas cheerleading team accomplished over the weekend of March 24-25 at The Pit in Albuquerque. The squad, led by head coach Isabel Cavazos, scored an enviable 142.07, beating out Hatch Valley in the runner-up position. The West cheer team lost by a narrow margin in 2016, but took top honors the year before.