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  • Editorial cartoon - Oct. 31, 2014
  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 31, 2014

    Vote for King, Powell
    For our children’s education, to support our teachers, to protect our air and water, for the sake of those who live in poverty, to protect our environment, to stop  the importation of people from Arkansas, Florida and Texas, for New Mexico jobs, to stop our jobs being outsourced to Arizona, por nuestra gente, el futuro de nuestra pleve, por los veteranos, to stop out of state big money to buy out our state governor’s office, to take back New Mexico and protect our state lands, vote for Gary King and Ray Powell Jr.

  • Another Perspective: MEP helps local company expand reach

    By Ron Burke

  • Editorial Roundup - Oct. 31, 2014

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald on campaign ads (Oct. 23):
    Is it the high profile of some political races that causes candidates to fill the airwaves with advertisements that ooze with toxic waste?
    Is it the big money behind those candidacies that forces candidates to go negative?
    Or is it the perceived need to shock voters into consciousness in a state that has problems in getting people to the polls?
    Who knows. Probably a combination of those and other factors.

  • Balderas for AG

    For the last 10 years, we’ve watched Wagon Mound native Hector Balderas’ political career flourish.

  • Editorial cartoon - Oct. 29, 2014
  • Work of Art - Political ads can be cruel

    Have you noticed how much vitriol fills virtually every TV and radio commercial as a prelude to Tuesday’s midterm election? It’s everywhere. And notice how often the name of Bill Richardson, our former U.S. representative and two-term governor, is invoked.

    I wonder whether such attack ads make a difference. Quite popular are those that accuse the opponent of having engaged in a secret deal that enriched that person. Otherwise, campaign managers portray the candidate as incompetent.

  • Martinez for governor

    Roughly 70 percent of registered voters in San Miguel County are Democrats. Add to that statistic the fact that San Miguel County doesn’t even come close to having the population of counties like Bernalillo, Sandoval, Doña Ana or Santa Fe, and you might expect that a Republican governor wouldn’t give a second thought to the issues we’re dealing with.