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  • Letters to the editor - Sept. 3, 2017

    Refugee reform
    Not wanting to be left out, San Miguel County government is considering becoming a sanctuary county and thus the Cities of Las Vegas and Pecos sanctuaries too. It’s important that our local elected officials are considered just as politically correct and progressive as those in Santa Fe and elsewhere.

    It’s a badge of honor to stand against the law they have sworn to uphold. What could be nobler than signaling to their constituents that if you don’t like a law, then defy it.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Sept. 1, 2017

    Even better than looking at the recent solar eclipse through plastic lenses was the chance of hundreds of area folk to see it up close and in more detail.

  • Editorial cartoon - Sept. 1, 2017
  • Letter to the editor - Sept. 1, 2017

    What’s misleading?

    Following Mr. Frank Splendoria’s warning (Aug. 20) about “science” being just a liberal plot to mislead and rip us off, I figured that if “scientists” said the eclipse would be midday, Monday, Aug. 21, it must be at some other time instead.

    Therefore I spent all day before and after instead, staring at the sun (without eye protection ­— another liberal “scientific” bit of propaganda). I saw no eclipse whatsoever, and furthermore am almost blind now!

  • Dispatch New Mexico - Snide remarks in this age of the big lie

    Donald Trump has been in the swamp he promised to drain for about eight months now, and guess what he’s found: It’s filled with Republicans!

    I’m not saying that just because the GOP owns the swamp these days, with its control of all three branches of our federal government, but because Trump is essentially saying so himself.

    He’s ripping into members of his own party more than he is the Democrats, who must privately feel giddy over the self-destructive nature of this embattled president.

  • Wear the liberal label — proudly

    The following editorial, by Jose Mike Jimenez, was recently published in the Roswell Daily Record.

    I received an email shortly after last week’s column came out and was accused of being a liberal, a socialist and of supporting past legislation known as Obamacare.

    First of all, if giving voice to those who have no voice makes me a liberal, then I suppose the title fits. I was also told I was no patriot when in fact I have served my country during a time of war.

  • Editorial cartoon - Aug. 30, 2017
  • Work of Art: A disappointing eclipse

    “We wuz robbed!” Or, as my English teacher at Immaculate Conception School, Sister Mas Grammatica, would have said, back in the ‘50s, “We were robbed!”

    And if my sixth-grade homeroom teacher were still around, how would she react to this question, relevant this month?

    The question is: “What does a London barber do? Answer: Eclipse