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  • Letters to the Editor - Mar. 20, 2016

    Trump a bad choice for president

    Donald Trump may be a multi-billionaire, commanding a huge real estate empire. He may be a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2016. He may have a daily cameo on almost every news program in the country.
    But Donald Trump has absolutely no class! You might expect someone who was raised with privilege and educated in a military prep school, Fordham and Wharton to have a little polish. But if he ever had any, he lost it somewhere on the way to fortune and fame.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: One family tradition is missing, but there are plenty of others

    My readers know I enjoy New Mexico history, and I must say I discover history treasures in unsuspecting places here, just when I’m looking for something else. Such was the case when my nephew, Shane asked me to locate an old photograph of his uncle Jim.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Mar. 18, 2016
  • Thumbs Mar. 18, 2016

    Friends and family are mourning the loss of two state Department of Transportation workers who were struck and killed while working on State Road 120 in Roy on Monday. Killed were Anthony Rivera, 49, of Rainsville, and David Eggert, 54,  of Wagon Mound. Our hearts go out to their families and to the communities of Rainsville and Wagon Mound. This tragedy should serve as a reminder that we need to slow down and be alert when we encounter highway workers.


  • Dispatch New Mexico-Wrapping the legislative session in signings and vetoes

    March 9 was a deadline for Gov. Susana Martinez. That was her last day to either sign into law measures passed in the recently adjourned legislative session or kill them off with a veto.

    According to nmpoliticalreport.com, 101 bills were passed during the session that ended a month ago. Among the meatier measures to make it to the governor’s desk for her signature:

    • A $6.4 billion state budget, trimmed down because of a serious drop in oil and gas tax revenues.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Mar. 16, 2016
  • Editorial: Taking stock on Sunshine Week

    Closed-door budget talks and a failed effort to create a transparent ethics commission largely shaded the recent New Mexico Legislative session from sunlight, but 2016 did see two incremental victories for transparency.

    Sunshine Week began Sunday and runs through Saturday. The Sunshine Week campaign works nationwide to celebrate transparency and emphasize the value of open government.

  • A work of Art: Please give us more D.S.T.

    Let’s prepare for several months of lasting daylight, a time for enjoyment. Even at my age, I plan to find out how far I can knock a ball.

    I’ve been practicing with our foreign exchange students, Phaedra Wouters and Ana Granado, now members of the West Las Vegas softball team. And though it’s fun, chasing fly balls that sail over my head gets a bit exhausting.