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  • Mil gracias - April 25, 2014

    The school of Social Work would like to give a special thanks to Sara Harris and Fiesta de La Hispanidad for their support and sponsorship of two NMHU students.

  • Editorial Roundup - April 25, 2014

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    Houston Chronicle on the demographic changes occurring in Texas and the importance of improving education conditions for black and brown kids (April 18):
    Texas is changing: Improving education conditions for black and brown kids is key to a bright future

  • A good proposal

    It’s a simple proposal that makes a lot of sense.

    Officials at New Mexico Highlands University are asking regents to reduce the number of credit hours required for students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

    Highlands currently requires 128 credit hours. But if regents sign off on the proposal, students will be able to graduate from Highlands after completing 120 credit hours.

  • Editorial Cartoon - April 23, 2014
  • Work of Art: Was it payback time?

    On the wall of the office of long-time Highlands University department secretary Jean Greer was a framed photo that showed a lone goat atop a craggy mountain. The message beneath it was, “I’m so far behind, it looks like I’m w-a-y ahead.”

    That was years ago, when I worked there. I’m reminded of Amtrak and its penchant for tardiness. Why doesn’t the government-subsidized railway company simply adopt this slogan: “We’re always prompt, no matter how long it takes”?

  • A major milestone

    Gov. Susana Martinez and many others were in Las Vegas last week to celebrate the purchase of the Castañeda Hotel.

    The closing of the real estate deal marks a major milestone for Las Vegas. The building, after all, is one of the city’s architectural gems, and it has been deteriorating for decades.

    Arizona hotelier Alan Affeldt and his business partners plan to renovate the historic structure and return it to its former glory. They also hope to purchase the Plaza Hotel.

  • Editorial Cartoon - April 21, 2014
  • Just a Thought - He is risen, He is not here

    By Rick Kraft

    He is alive! He is alive! He is alive! The first Easter morning must have been an exciting experience for those who had walked the journey with Jesus.