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  • Another Perspective: House proposes responsible budget

    The recent drop in oil prices has put a strain on state budgets across the Western United States. While other states are implementing massive budget cuts or considering tax increases to meet their obligations, the House Appropriations and Finance Committee has developed a responsible budget that meets the state’s critical needs without raising taxes or draining our state’s reserves.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 7, 2016

    Las Vegans helping Las Vegans

    Many of us find ourselves beset every day by requests for money—through the mail, by email, telephone, on the street, and even in church. While we may know that many of these requests correspond to real, legitimate needs, we know we can’t help everyone who asks. Also, when solicited by large charities, we often wonder where the money goes — will the money we donate help those in need right around us? However, in the case of one local fund-raising effort, Las Vegas has received more than it has given.

  • Just a Thought: We found love right where we are

    “I MADE A WISH AND YOU CAME TRUE!” So said the sign on the shelf at the novelty shop we visited on a recent vacation. My mind immediately thought of my bride of 31 years, Tanya, across the store from me.  I am so blessed this Valentine season.

    Can you say the words “I am in love?”  Spoken by an infatuated 16-year-old these words mean something different than they do when spoken by a 60-year-old after 40 years of marriage. Nevertheless, they are powerful words.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: H.U. fraternities, sororities added life and fun to campus

    I just read Art Trujillo’s Column where he asks if anybody remembers Jan Black, the Highlands University candidate for homecoming queen, way back in 1953. I  know this dates me, but I knew her. I was a senior at Highlands in 1954 when Jan entered the freshman class there.

    I have to begin with a bit of history from that era. Senior girls lived upstairs in the West Wing of Kennedy Hall. Freshmen lived across the way in the east wing.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Feb. 5, 2015
  • Thumbs Feb. 5, 2016


    Reading is an every-day task, from reading street signs to reading the menu at restaurants. Las Vegas and the surrounding area hit a jackpot when members of the Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico organized an annual literacy fair.

  • Dispatch New Mexico- The latest ethics commission push

    Perhaps this will be the year when we actually get some decent ethical standards in place for state officials.

    It’s a long-running issue that seems to resurface every time someone gets in trouble, but for various political and provincial reasons, nothing ever gets through the state legislature. This year, however, one proposal might actually make it in front of New Mexico’s voters.

  • Editorial Cartoon: Feb. 3, 2015