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  • Picking from two extremes

    A recent political cartoon, published in New Mexico’s largest newspaper, seems to have stirred up more discussion, fallout and venom than nearly all the cartoons published during the unprecedentedly brutal 2016 election cycle.

  • Three more bad ideas to reform higher education

    New Mexico’s higher education was, once again, on the minds of many of our elected officials during this year’s legislative session, and  lots of ideas to improve our state’s higher education have echoed around the statehouse.

    Some ideas had merit. Some did not.

    Here are three bad ideas I recently heard:

  • Making the next time the best ever

    By Rick Kraft

    The best time ever might be the next time. Maybe, just maybe, by giving it all that you have, the next time will be the best.

    On July 5, 1969, a band who called themselves “The Rolling Stones” broke through onto the music scene when they performed a free concert in Hyde Park, England. More than 200,000 attended the event.

  • After the session: Priorities moving forward

    After spending the past several years trying to dig ourselves out of a financial recession and slow economic growth, New Mexico has the potential for a bright future, but only if we have our priorities in order.

    On the one hand, the human spirit is dynamic, fluid and persistent and is led by our curiosity and an innate need to address issues that affect our lives and to help one another.

  • Letter to the Editor, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018

    Mil Gracias
    The Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico, a division of the Las Vegas Arts Council, recently hosted the tenth annual Literacy Fair at the Sala de Madrid on the NMHU campus.
    The theme for this year’s event was a Dr. Seuss Celebration with the tag line: “Read Here  and Read There—Read Everywhere.”

  • Editorial cartoon, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018

    Editorial cartoon, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018.

  • Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news, Feb. 16, 2018

    We always applaud the United World College for publicizing its public events. It’s important for San Miguel County residents to know and appreciate the young international community at the school.

  • The consequences of Trump’s first year

    Well, we all survived the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

    Even if you support him, you had to “survive” this first year too. You had to defend his misbehavior, which must have been difficult since a lot of it was indefensible.

    It’s no wonder that members of his own party have decided to ignore his childish antics and focus instead on getting him on the Republican agenda.