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  • Work of Art: Voy a typiar mi column

    When two languages bump into each other, they borrow stuff.

    English: “Hey, Español! I need a word for these flying pests. Can I borrow ‘mosquito’?”

    Español: “No problemo. While we are on the topic, I could use ‘boycott’ (though I might spell it ‘boicot’).”

    Ahora voy a typiar mi column. Come on now! You had no trouble getting el gisto of that sentence. And in the near future, you’re likely to be seeing much more of this kind of linguistic mélange.

  • Beth Speaks for Herself -

    Last November, I attended Associate Professor Craig Conley’s lecture at Highlands. He spoke as part of the Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance Land Stewardship Series. I was mesmerized by his passion and enthusiasm.

    His topic? Dirt and what it has to do with climate change. Actually we talked about soil, which is the proper way to refer to what covers our earth and isn’t water. Now I am a water nymph, well, maybe not a nymph anymore but certainly a fan.

  • Editorial cartoon - April 10, 2016
  • Thumbs April 10, 2016

    The mariachi concert held at Mike Marr Gym on April 1 was a spectacular event. Mariachi groups from Las Vegas, Mora and Taos gave incredible performances. The concert was part of a local mariachi conference.


  • Another Perspective: Four things parents can do to prepare kids for financial success
  • Letters to the Editor - April 10, 2016

    Advice for mayor, city councilors

    We have been very lucky to have a far wetter than normal year and a half. The city has been able to provide water without having to impose drought restrictions on customers’ use. Almost everyone should recognize that betting on the continued generosity of Mother Nature would be extraordinarily unwise. The city’s current water storage space is far too limited.

  • Just a Thought: The fine art of eating an elephant

    You find yourself eyeball to eyeball looking up at an elephant. He is on the path right in front of you, directly between you and where you want to be. What do you do?

    What is in your world that appears to be too big for you to conquer? What is it that overwhelms you? What is ahead of you in the path of life that has got you worried and questioning that you might not be able to get past it?

  • Editorial Roundup - April 10, 2016

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Orange County Register on pensions (April 6):

    In an interview with the Financial Analysts Journal last year, Nobel laureate economist William F. Sharpe, creator of the Sharpe ratio for risk-adjusted investment performance analysis, said public pensions in the United States are a “disaster” and “a crisis of epic proportions.”