Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Parking signs were misleading

    I love Las Vegas and all the people. I worked there for 12 years, but I have a compliant. This past weekend, there was a bike rally in old town.

    My husband and I are both bike lovers. We were looking around for a place to park and finally saw a sign that read: “Public Parking.” No sooner had we parked when a security officer told us to move since that was “private parking.”

  • LETTEr: Mil Gracias

    We the family of Myranda Lujan would like to thank the following people who helped us with her benefit dance on July 17: All the workers at the Nite Owl, Matthew Martinez and family, Cuarenta Y Cinco, Mathew Cordova, Sena’s Music, Casa de Musica, and the Optic — for all their time and effort in making the dance a success!

    I thank the many friends and family that helped with all the fundraising that was done for and prior to the dance.

    Tina Gallegos

    Las Vegas

  • LETTER: What we will lose to drilling

    The dancing creek glitters with the light/The glistening owl cries in the night/A baby coyote whimpers in fright/And then it is gone for good.

    Gone is the creek laughing with light/In its place is a poisonous blight /Gone is the owl who cries in the night/There is nothing left of her rippling flight.

    And of the coyote who whimpered in fright, there is left bleached white bones.

    Miranda Riccardi-Coon



  • EDITORIAL: The faster, the better

    Local authorities seem to be taking seriously the allegations against Robertson High School teacher Jay Quintana that he sexually abused a student.

    The allegations surfaced in February after the City Schools released a notice from the victim’s parents that they may sue over the matter. The district placed Quintana on paid administrative leave.

  • FOR YOUR INFORMATION: A common-sense county

    Thank God for a County Commission with common sense. I’m referring to the San Miguel County Commission, which recently chose not to jump on a “green” bandwagon sent courtesy of the New Mexico Environment Department.

  • Letter: Student did really well in competition

    The family and friends of Chantelle Lucero would like to send her congratulations.  Chantelle traveled with West Las Vegas Middle School to Dallas Texas in June 2009 to compete in the Business Professionals of America as the only high school student representing West Las Vegas High.

    We are very proud of our middle school for taking first in the completion. Chantelle placed within the top 10 in Dallas and later on found out she ranked fifth overall.

    We would also like to thank Chantelle’s sponsor, Laurie Sandoval, for all her time, support and leadership.

  • Letter: Follow the rules already in place

    I am extremely interested in the issue of drilling for oil and gas now before us in Mora County.

    This, truly, is the time for our Mora County commissioners and the planning and zoning officials to stand behind the excellent Development Guidance System and Comprehensive Land Use Guidelines. These documents are well articulated and should remain in their original design.

  • EDITORIAL: City should be consistent

    A few weeks ago, the City Council agreed to give $15,000 in lodgers tax funds to help a private boxing promoter advertise an event for Aug. 28.

    We always should have a healthy dose of skepticism when the government hands over money to a private company. After all, we’re talking about our tax dollars.