Today's Opinions

  • Family Partnership remarks inaccurate

    In reading the article of the West Las Vegas board meeting, I became concerned with the way the Family Partnership is being tossed around. Moving these students is a good idea since the building is not sound and can be condemned.

  • Please don’t use treated wastewater

    As I read the story in the Optic dated Sept. 27-28, “Expert: Add effluent to water,” I was disappointed to read that our city seems to have no appropriate solution to our water problems. I feel that the suggestion made by City Councilman Andrew Feldman, who focuses on water issues; Ron Mosher, a consultant from Albuquerque; and Glenn Yocum, a member of the city’s utilities committee that the city of Las Vegas, look at sending the wastewater to the water plant to be used from drinking is a big mistake.

  • Any tax increase needs approval

    This letter is in reference to the tax increase that is going to be imposed on the taxpayers of the Las Vegas City School District.

    It is my understanding that any tax increase has to be approved by the electorate of the district in a duly called election. I don’t remember any such election being held.

  • Mismanagement blame is shifted

    At the Las Vegas School Board hearing on Oct. 14, regarding at least a 30 percent increase in county property taxes being assessed this year, school board president Ramon “Swoops” Montaño made a big point about not seeing the participants at usual school board meetings, as did a woman in the audience, who turned out to be an employee of the school district. This, in my opinion, is a typical tactic to blame the victims in an effort to shift blame from those guilty of gross financial mismanagement in the district.

  • Proud backer of Martinez

    I would like to respond to all the negative ads of Susana Martinez.
    First, they said she was going to move the medical center to Las Cruces. It was a lie. Then, they said she didn’t like Hispanic people; that also was a lie. Now, they said that she is not from New Mexico and that she is from Texas. Strange Gov. Bill Richardson is from California.

    The Democrats didn’t say anything when he was running for governor.

  • Military has to train

    I take offense to the letter to the editor from Mr. Cliff Bain in the Oct. 13 edition of the Las Vegas Optic. We have the best trained military in the world because they train in peace as they would if they were at war. They train in northern New Mexico because the terrain is like Afghanistan, which is where they are at the present time.

  • Beware of land grabbers

    Whites Peak is but one example of special interests taking over the lands we natives have always held in common and are now in danger of losing to insensitive newcomers and the bureaucrats who earn their living off the taxpayer, but continue to exploit public lands we’ve sacrificed to maintain and keep in the public domain.

    We must all garner our resolve to maintain these holdings by denying our vote to those who would partner up with special interests to wrest these lands from the public domain.

  • Where are the reports?

    A month or so after the primary election in June, I accessed the secretary of state’s website to check the campaign finance reports of Paula Garcia and John Olivas, two of the county commission candidates in Mora County. I discovered that while Paula Garcia had filed such reports, listing receipts and expense totals, her list of contributors totaled less than half her reported receipts. John Olivas had not filed any reports.