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  • Another Perspective:We’re all responsible for educating our children

    Education is about much more than textbooks and classrooms. It’s also about the multitude of unanticipated life-challenging situations that affect our lives. It even goes beyond teachers and students. It is a lifelong journey, and we need to celebrate it as such.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Acequias provide water for many uses

    Almost all of us who grew up here in northern New Mexico know what an “acequia” (ditch) is. This vast ditch system, was constructed way over two centuries ago to carry irrigation water from the rivers and streams that begin in our mountains to the lush fields and orchards and gardens of almost every mountain valley here.

  • Editorial Cartoon: April 15, 2016
  • Thumbs April 15, 2016

    Congratulations to Tonita Gurule-Giron for prevailing in Tuesday’s mayoral runoff and becoming the first woman to serve as Las Vegas’ mayor. We raised some concerns about a Gurule-Giron administration in our endorsement of her opponent, Joey Herrera. But the voters have spoken, and it’s time for the entire community to get behind Gurule-Giron and work with her to make Las Vegas a better place to live and do business. 


  • Dispatch New Mexico- Johnson and the Libertarians have their best shot ever

    In this year of tumultuous political uncertainties, a viable third-party candidate could easily emerge —perhaps in the form of our own Gary Johnson.

    Johnson, New Mexico’s former Republican governor, is hoping to run for president for a second time as the Libertarian Party nominee. With his adopted party’s national convention less than two months away, he’s the clear frontrunner for the nomination.

  • Editorial cartoon - April 13, 2016
  • Editorial: Bigotry is bad for business

    Journal Record of Oklahoma and originally ran on Tuesday.

    Canadian rocker Bryan Adams drew a crowd to Catoosa’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Monday night. Thank the Oklahoma Legislature.

    From Catoosa, he’ll take his show to San Antonio on Tuesday, but then he’ll have a little time off. He cancelled the Biloxi, Miss., show that was scheduled for April 14.

  • Work of Art: Voy a typiar mi column

    When two languages bump into each other, they borrow stuff.

    English: “Hey, Español! I need a word for these flying pests. Can I borrow ‘mosquito’?”

    Español: “No problemo. While we are on the topic, I could use ‘boycott’ (though I might spell it ‘boicot’).”

    Ahora voy a typiar mi column. Come on now! You had no trouble getting el gisto of that sentence. And in the near future, you’re likely to be seeing much more of this kind of linguistic mélange.