• Las Vegas has even more to offer

    The article by Jim Terr expressing his pleasure in rediscovering his hometown of Las Vegas was a joy to read, but he left out the mention of one of the treasures that is unique to Las Vegas.  

    Tome on the Range is a special place that is so much more than a bookstore, involved in the community, with activities for all ages and an owner and staff who contribute so much every day to us.  

    Thank you, Jim Terr, for reminding us of what Las Vegas offers us who live here.

    Carol Winkel
    Las Vegas

  • Memory unit much needed

    We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Vida Encantada Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and their excellent staff for opening the Memory Care Unit this fall.

    This was a much needed addition for persons living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory disorders in our community. The benefit has been immediate and very positive.

    Glenn and Theresa Damian
    Las Vegas

  • Mil Gracias - Nov. 25, 2011

    The Las Vegas Jewish Community wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Greg Levenson of the Bank of Las Vegas for its generous donation and Melissa Green of the Plaza Hotel for making our first annual Membership Meeting & Brunch a tasty and tasteful success!
    Diana Presser
    Las Vegas


  • Beautiful outcome, one and united

    This letter is written to the East/West Las Vegas school boards of education and to Gloria Lovato-Pacheco and Gary Gold. I wish to send “kudos” to both for coming up with consolidation for both school systems. “Bravo” to all of you who are seeking the coming together of our community for the good of all of our young people. This should have happened a long time ago.

  • Conflicts and complicity

    Letter from a lowly taxpayer who still hasn’t received his trash roll-away: Let’s see, Campos imposes Dodge on our little city.  Campos is monetarily involved with at least two hires of our city fathers (sic). Luna has a conflict with Luna’s utilities bill with the city. Campos’ Dodge gets rave reviews from at least two city councilors, even after the deaths of two city employees.

    Does anyone else here smell conflict of interest or complicity of any kind?

  • Chicken Little’s fears unjustified

    Attending the veterans ceremony at veterans park, I was amazed at the precise landing of a Guard helicopter across the street. He landed within a few feet of parked cars and people attending. No one seemed scared and all was a rush of pride at seeing our nation’s best doing what they do best. I was also thinking the usual protesters were not there to shoo them away and tell us about all the dangers.

    Three city councilors were there and I hope they don’t consider this a break of the resolution about low-flying military aircraft or, worse yet, consider a new one.

  • An apology to Thomas Garcia

    I wish to retract a part of the letter I submitted entitled “Garcia snubs Mora band.” While Mr. Garcia did not rise with everyone else, he did quietly ask the young man where the ribbon should be displayed, and the young man informed him that it went in a certain display case, and that he would put it there, whereupon Mr. Garcia handed it back. This exchange was very quiet, and so not heard by most in the room.

  • CASA needs, deserves support

    First I would like to express my gratitude for the continued and unwavering support of the CASA program by the Optic. At its very inception, the Optic printed a front page article resulting from an interview of the executive director of the program. Secondly I would like to encourage anyone who have an interest in helping children, to consider the CASA program as a way to contribute to the wellbeing of abused and neglected children.

  • Support school music programs

    I was surprised to see the letter to the Optic by Shelly Reins, where she says that Thomas Garcia, the Mora superintendent of schools, snubbed the music students at a recent meeting.

    The Thomas Garcia she is talking about cannot be the same person I have known for years and years. He would never snub a student. I’m sure the whole incident was misinterpreted somewhere along the way.

  • ‘Wind gas’ a viable solution

    It takes millions of years to create what the oil and gas industry calls natural gas, thousands of feet deep down in the earth — or just a few seconds, next to a wind turbine.

    Based on the plans of an Austrian-German team of scientists, renewable energy producers should soon be able to generate synthetic “natural gas” from their wind and solar parks.