• Lacking emergency animal services

    There are three veterinarians that are listed in the phone book for the Las Vegas area, yet none of them offer any type of after hour emergency service for sick or wounded pets. During a recent pet emergency, in my efforts to find emergency care, one vet’s office phone just rang, one had an answering service but they tell you to go to Santa Fe for services, and the other had a voice mail that indicated that he had a family issue, and was closed the weekend.

    The citizens of Las Vegas deserve much better for their loved pets.

  • Easy to get around a tethered yard dog

    A reader thinks the new dog tethering law is terrible because, “the dog guards the home when one is working.”

    Our two Siberian huskies guard our house and they have never been tied up. We have a fenced-in yard for exercise, but mostly our dogs live in the house where they are warm in winter and cool in summer. They are always in the house when we leave. Good luck to anyone who tries to go past them.

    But it’s easy to go past tethered yard dogs. They can’t get to the thief, now can they?

  • Ortiz has been an excellent mayor

    I am a resident of Las Vegas. I love this town and its people.

    Of all the mayors I’ve experienced, Mayor Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. has been the best. He has done so much for our community. He is an ethical person with a big heart for our people. His administration has been transparent and his door is always open.

    Mayor Ortiz leads with compassion and intelligence, listening to our concerns with an open heart. I don’t think most people are aware of all that he has done for our city. Here is a list of just a few of his accomplishments:

  • Possessing good mayoral qualities

    Successful democratic governments need people of good character, intelligence and positive energy.

    Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. possesses these qualities and more.

    The city of Las Vegas has benefited from his no-nonsense approach to city issues on numerous occasions. His recent executive order regarding the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce was the correct response to touchy issue that needed action.

    The extremely important water issue has been at the forefront during his tenure. I believe it will continue to be high on his to-do list if re-elected.

  • Extreme tethering cases justify action

    When Neo was a puppy, his owner placed a collar on his neck, fastened it to a chain and ignored him. When rescuers brought Neo to the veterinarian several months later, the outlook did not look good. Neo was starving. The owner who kept Neo as a “guard dog” never bothered to adjust his collar, which became deeply embedded in his neck and started to crush his trachea. Neo was dying.

    If Neo’s story were unique, it would be a shocking example of cruelty.

  • The tragedy could have been prevented

    The tragedy of the young man and his mother hit on Williams Drive was not so much “avoidable” as it was inevitable. My husband and I saw them all the time, never using the sidewalks that millions have been spent on in Las Vegas, and once even going down the center of the left-turn lane on Seventh, after dark and in dark clothing.

  • Thoughts on Mora’s courthouses

    I read the last plans on the Mora County Complex building, and I was wondering exactly how the $2.6 million had been spent.

    I recall that while I was in office several of us went to Santa Fe to ask for money for a new courthouse, and we were given $1 million.

    There was also supposed to be a percentage of the $2.6 million to go to the arts. It was my dream that with that percentage a memorial dome would be erected to honor all those who served in the Armed Forces and went missing in action or were killed in the different wars.

  • Taking issue with forum comments

    The Optic’s Feb. 14 article, “Six candidates favor Dodge,” quotes Ward 3 Council candidate and Highlands Foundation board member Joe McCaffrey as saying that “... the Highlands Foundation is investing $200,000 to start a brewery here, something that will create jobs.” All well and good, but considering the area’s dire water situation, I found McCaffrey’s suggestion to be really out of touch with the realities of Las Vegas.

  • New law regarding dogs shortsighted

    As far as I understand, now they want to pass a law, where one cannot have a tied dog without being physically present with him, or close to him! They apparently do not know that the dog guards the home, when one is working or wherever.

    Perhaps those who pass such laws have never had their homes robbed?

    They must be like those on TV who push buttons for their home security systems. For those who are poor, and work, this law will be very difficult.

  • Mil Gracias

    My family and I want to acknowledge the emergency room staff at our local hospital that were on duty Friday, Jan. 6, at about 10:30 p.m. when my husband (Kim Kirkpatrick) arrived with shortness of breath.