• A loss for Las Vegas

  • Low-flow toilets are in order

    As a fairly frequent shopper in the town of Las Vegas, and a user of many vendors’ facilities, it has come to my attention, and to that of friends and family members, that the Walmart store in Las Vegas has toilets that flush for an extraordinarily long time. It appears that they waste an inordinate amount of water. My grandson, 10-years-old, counted 45 seconds one evening for his toilet to finish flushing. The women’s bathrooms are no better.

  • Mil Gracias - Oct. 19, 2012

    The Las Vegas Area Association of Educational Retirees conveys its appreciation to area businesses and organizations that so generously contributed to the 2012 New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees Convention, hosted by LVAAER. The annual conventions are held throughout New Mexico. This year’s convention was one of the “best attended” during recent years and one that, by all accounts, was a tremendous success.

  • Mil Gracias - Oct. 15, 2012

    Casa de Cultura is a community based organization that seeks to create a strong cultural environment in Las Vegas and in Northern New Mexico. One of the strategic objectives of Casa is to present multicultural experiences for the citizens in efforts to help our people gain appreciation of other cultures.
    This year’s Ain’t Got No Frijoles Blues was a rousing success with a rockin’ party on Friday night, Sept. 14, at the Plaza Hotel featuring Wayne Roper’s Unfinished Business and The Rudy Boy Experiment, one of Albuquerque’s great blues bands.

  • Finding help and more in Las Vegas

    While attending the New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees (NMAER) Convention in Las Vegas (on Sept. 28-29), my car had a flat and ruined tire just after leaving the McDonald’s.

    The three kind men at BTU on Mills Street had to use a tractor with front-end loader and a large air tank (to fix the damage).

    Another young man led me, in his pickup, over to Duran’s Tire Shop. Mr. “just call me Walter” and his employee fixed the car, etc. These six men went way beyond the second miles (to assist).

  • Early closure, more preparation

    I am writing in to you on the day I’m supposed to be vying for a Master’s World Championship. Competition within the International BJJ Federation which requires several levels of credentialing which I did receive. However, while in the process, the tournament brackets closed early, partly caused by the Master’s Mundial being held in the USA for the first time. Two of my teammates from the Santa Fe BJJ Academy are in the same situation.

  • Clarifying previous letter

    Let me correct the interpretation of my letter to the editor, “From God to Government,” by Mr. Deemer.

    First, I agree with the majority of his comment. My point is not that faith and government are mutually exclusive, but that as a society moves away from the moral values of traditional religions, it invariably leads to more government. That’s exactly what I see happening in this country today, and the upcoming election provides an opportunity to change that.

  • ‘Moving forward’ for whom?

    First let me congratulate Mayor Alfonso Ortiz and councilors Joey Herrera and Vince Howell. These three elected officials are truly by and for the people. Las Vegas is finally in tune with the rest of the country that is moving forward and no matter what we the citizens have to say.

  • Water necessitates fracking ban

    The Weather report on Channel 7 for Saturday, Sept. 15, had the following information: “More than half of New Mexico is in severe drought or worse.”

  • Faith isn’t an either/or choice

    In his letter published Sept. 28, Frank Splendoria says the need for personal responsibility and self-reliance has been supplanted by governmental “oversight and control” and this somehow threatens our faith in God. Personal responsibility has always been and remains the foundation of this or any civilization. It is our responsibility to provide for our families yet it is also our responsibility to act in ways that will not harm others. It is our responsibility to care for those around us and it is our responsibility to leave nature unharmed.