• Pecos student tired of bullying

    My name is Raelene Duran. I am 12 years old and in the sixth grade. I attend Pecos Middle School.

    I am being bullied by one of my teachers. My parents and I have met with him concerning this matter, and we have had several meetings with the principal. (I recently) attended a meeting and reported this to the superintendent, Mr. Trujillo, and the board members.

    Nothing is being done. Doesn’t anybody care?

  • Thanks to all who helped me

    During my recent stay in Las Vegas I became ill and was admitted to Alta Vista Hospital, this letter is a thank you to all the people who helped me during my stay.

    First to Erica Gallegos for her help with the dogs and to Christian for coming to the house and plugging up the area in the fence so the dogs could not get out. And last but certainly not least to all the people at Alta Vista, from the ER receptionist who saw the distress I was in and got me ahead of some other people.

  • Brush with recall advocate comical
  • Happy that Bush got his library

    I was so happy to see that George Bush Jr. got his library. It was nice to see two presidents together on T.V.

    I have letters and pictures of five presidents, autographed and consider them my treasures.

    All five presidents had wise words of advice but my favorite is George Bush Sr.

  • The high cost of fishing

    Recently I was invited to go fishing, for opening day, at Murphy Lake. Before we left I did some figuring. First and foremost a fishing license is required. Spiraling out of control, one must now pay up to $40 for the license, which doesn’t guarantee a fish.

    Your license allows for a five-fish limit, so don’t invite six people to your fish fry. Let’s not forget $20 for gas round trip. If you and your company don’t want to go hungry and/or thirsty, munchies and refreshments are a must, another $20.

  • Corporations’ rights need to be reined in
  • Mora committing economic suicide

    Will the last Mora County Resident to leave please turn out the lights.

    Just about the time we think things cannot get any worse for our zero growth, high unemployment neighbors to the north, it does, get worse that is. The body of county folks in charge must have several closets of shoes with holes in them from the ready, fire, aim approach for which they are so famous. If it is not the county complex fiasco it is the anti-fracking ordinance.

  • County officials to be applauded

    Because the U.S. Supreme Court says “Corporations are people and money is speech” does not make it so.

    By your reasoning orders from on high are sacrosanct, thus German soldiers were absolved of any guilt for “following orders” during the second World War, even when those orders were illegal.    

  • Mayor Ortiz isn’t the problem
  • Mora should return ‘dirty money’

    John Olivas is quoted as saying, “It’s time for all communities to do what we’ve done — announce the end to extractive industries . . .”

    Let’s see whether he’s ready to put the county’s money where his mouth is.

    The $1.85 million just appropriated for Mora County’s use on its unfinished county complex comes from severance tax bonds, which are themselves funded by severance tax paid by those extractive industries.