• Letters to the Editor - May 14, 2017

    Thank teachers

    This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We have wonderful teachers and education employees! We need to celebrate the incredible teaching happening all over New Mexico.

    New Mexico has more students graduating and better test results, thanks to teachers!

  • Letters to the Editor - May 7, 2017

    License to ill
    After reading the Optic article on the new federal regulations to obtain a drivers’ license, I thought adding a little humor may soften the stress.

    If you were born before the 1950’s and come from a Hispanic family, I figure you are one caught in this web of stress. I definitely include myself in this group.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 30, 2017

    Yahoos take over

    Coming soon: A Yahoo in every key post of the Trump administration.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 23, 2017

    Open space needed
    We who live in East Las Vegas in the Walmart area have no parks on our side of town. Looking at a map of our area, there is an undeveloped large piece of land next to Ridge Runner Drive. Community First Bank is the owner of a 21-acre parcel of that land, which runs from  Seventh Street through to Eighth Street. Both the land that is for sale and the adjacent part that is not for sale would be a perfect site for an overall planning effort that would benefit the entire town.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 16, 2017

    Church’s message a refreshing thought

    No matter where you are from, we’re glad you are our neighbor.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 9, 2017

    Reconsider closure of Legion Park

    I am a retired teacher from Las Vegas City Schools. Most of my service included teaching at Legion Park Elementary School between 1987 and 2007.  
    I have read with interest about current plans to close down and demolish the school building that houses Legion Park Elementary. I am most concerned because of inaccurate information that has been used to justify the closure and demolition of the Legion Park building.

  • Letters to the Editor - April 2, 2017

    Defend public lands

    New Mexico is home to millions of acres of public lands.  These lands encompass a diverse range of ecosystems — from the lush green Santa Fe National forest to the glistening White Sands National Monument. Not only are our public lands emblematic of New Mexico’s unique natural heritage, but they also anchor our tourism industry, one of the state’s fastest growing economic sectors.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 12, 2017

    Remember this date: Nov. 6, 2018
    That is the date on which 33 Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 36 governorships will be up for re-election.

    Put it on your calendar now, and be prepared to be an informed voter. If you are worried, concerned, angry, or disappointed about the direction in which the government is going, this is the most effective way to make a change. Find out who is representing you locally, statewide, and on a national level then begin a conversation with them.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 5, 2017

    Longtime parciante will be missed

    Augustin Garcia, a lifelong parciante, was an outstanding community acequia leader. As president of the Acequia de San Jose he directed the day-to-day operations. He also worked with the Acequia de La Isla to operate Morphy Lake Dam, which was built by both acequias.

  • Letters to the Editor - Feb. 26, 2017

    Alta Vista billing practices
    We recently took our daughter to the Alta Vista emergency room. First, I would like to say how satisfied we have always been with the care we receive here. Doctor Garver is great, Las Vegas is lucky to still have a few quality doctors here, especially when it comes to trusting someone with your child in an emergency situation.