• Read with your children

    If you’ve ever shared a book with a child, you know the joy and excitement this small but meaningful act can bring. But, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, since 1993 only 53 to 58 percent of children ages three to five received this joy on a daily basis.

    We can do better! Simply reading daily with a child does require parents, older brothers and sisters, and other caring adults to add yet another hat to the many they already wear to care for and raise a child. But by adding the reading hat to your collection, you also add great rewards:

  • Group pushing for rights ordinance

    The San Miguel County Commissioners in New Mexico appear to be, by majority, pro-drilling. When a six month county-wide moratorium expires in June, the Commissioners have indicated they intend to adopt a regulatory oil and gas ordinance that will allow fracking, and will do nothing to assert the community’s rights to say “No!” to fracking and to protect their water.  

  • Writer supports Trujillo, Baca

    I see that there are several candidates for the position of judges. The County of San Miguel voters would be wise to elect Eddie Trujillo and Gerald Baca.

    These two men are both very fair in their judgments, and do whatever they can to help  offenders rehabilitate. San Miguel County is lucky to have these two men working in the courts, and they would be wise to keep them. I know because I worked with the people of San Miguel County for 12 years. They are both a pride to their profession.

    Rosalie Regensberg

  • Student urges ban on plastic bags

    I am an international student attending the United World College of the American West in Montezuma. In this moment I am writing as a citizen and constituent of Las Vegas. I am advancing a proposal for a ban on single use plastic bags to Las Vegas City Councilors, and I would like to raise the awareness on this issue around the city.

  • Wary of Gov. Martinez

    If I knew nothing else about Gov. Susana Martinez’ accomplishments and non-accomplishments, I would be very wary of her, based only on the issue she continues to flog day in and day out, “illegal immigrant” driver’s licenses.  This is her highest-priority issue, based on her incessant Facebook posts on the subject -- when she could be using her platform to discuss any number of the more serious but less emotional issues facing us.

  • Gov uses NMHU as political football

    Governor Martinez had picked Carl Foster to be NMHU’s new regent. Yet he had been so angry at NMHU that he filed a suit against the school. But last Thursday he dropped the suit. So this is okay? Now he is the best candidate for the position so important to NMHU’s continued success?

  • Income inequality or effort inequality?

    Mamá, dame una galleta. Mommy, give me a cookie. We all started pretty much the same way. Dame, dame, dame (give me, give me, give me).

    Some of us grew up on the maker side of things others, on the taker side of the equation. Somewhere along the way we developed personal responsibility and initiative and actually earned our school clothes and an occasional treat to the movies.

  • Subsidies are nothing new

    In your editorial you say “We certainly understand the governor’s frustration over the state being asked to subsidize Amtrak.” Do you also understand the governor’s eagerness to subsidize oil company drilling in New Mexico? Or the space port? Or any of the other 54 subsidies listed by goodjobsfirst.org?

    I’m sure the vast majority of these subsidies went for good causes such as training costs. They no doubt benefited the workers and the communities in which those workers live.

  • Good family forced into ruin

    In the Pecos Valley, along the access road, a family built a small store and gas station and served the people there for many years. They had installed a new fuel system to comply with changed standards, but recently the standards changed again. This very small business was unable to comply, the cost was too high. The owner once said to me that only the big guys can survive in this world.

  • An invitation for area seniors

    Residents of San Miguel County who will be 50 years of age or older are invited to register for the Senior Olympics.

    Senior Olympics is an organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for all seniors age 50 and older through education, fitness and sporting events.