• Don’t call abortion a moral choice
  • Burglary victim speaks out

    History repeats itself? Yes it does. One year and three months ago someone walked into my house and stole my backpack. It was full of everything that was important to me. The items range from personal items to electronics.

    Fast forward 16 months during which time a lot of things have gone missing from my yard. Someone walked into my house again on Tuesday morning while I was in the kitchen filling my dog’s two-gallon tank with drinking water and took my new backpack containing many of the same items as before that I had painfully (emotionally), replaced last year.

  • Fear keeps sex abuse victims quiet

    What happens to the mind of a child, when that child is violated in a sexual way by family? Do you know? Have you felt the pain of isolation, of shame, of forbidden secrets?

    It’s almost a no-win situation, because there is public opinion, and that’s as hard to deal with as family and former friends, with ignorant comments uttered behind one’s back like: “It’s all lies, the victims are to blame,” or “why didn’t they report this when it first happened?”

  • Presidents need encouragement

    Throughout the years I have kept in touch with the presidents of the United States, starting from Ronald Reagan. It matters not whether they are Republican or Democrat. I feel that they need to hear from the grassroots, little people and know how we feel about important issues affecting Americans. The presidents have always kept in touch as well as the first ladies. These letters are my treasures.

  • Mil Gracias - Aug. 30, 2013

    I would like to thank the Rainsville Water and Sanitation Board for their many years of dependability of doing a basically thankless and selfless job in the most open and transparent manner possible. Each board member with an unwavering commitment has insured that each of us has access to an uninterrupted, safe and protected source of water. Just the thought of what their vital responsibility is to the Rainsville population astounds me and that they have successfully assured us, all of us, a healthier and viable environment is even more astounding.

  • Mil Gracias - Aug. 26, 2013
  • Two on Luna board getting a bad rap

    As a former employee of Luna Community College, it bothers me to read all the negative press Luna Community College gets in the Optic.

    I admire board members Dan Romero and Ernie Chavez for having the guts and fortitude to speak up and ask questions at duly approved board meetings. However, the Optic makes it appear that they are the culprits responsible for the alleged “downfall” of LCC.

    These gentlemen are not the ones responsible for the declining enrollment, or for submitting declining enrollment figures.

  • Water board issues call for entries

    As you well know, the Las Vegas area is suffering from the protracted drought. While we are not unique, there are several local issues that make the problems worse. The Las Vegas Community Water Board will again issue Water Conservation Awards to reward those who have contributed most to helping reduce our mismatch between water supply and demand. We also wish to use the awards’ publicity to encourage others similarly to treat our water as the precious commodity it is.

  • It’s religion, not science

    This letter is in response to the “View on abortion based on science” letter (by Frank Splendoria) in the Aug. 9 issue of the Optic.

    I agree with you that we should look at abortion and the continuum of life scientifically.

    Scientifically… the U.S. National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health reports that 15-20 percent of women who know they are pregnant have spontaneous abortions (miscarriages — with no medical intervention).

  • Writer shares memories of Cargo

    My father, Ernie Olivas, loved politics. I was saddened and crestfallen to hear of the death of former New Mexico Governor David Cargo. He was a good friend of my father’s.