• PRC erred in altering energy credit rules

    Should a student receive double the credit for doing the minimum work required? If not, why should utility companies be allowed to?

    On Wednesday, Nov. 20, the Public Regulation Commission adjusted a rule allowing companies to receive double, and even triple the credit of a “Renewable Energy Certificate” for using renewable energy resources such as solar, biomass, and geothermal energy. Instead of a 1:1 ratio of one credit per 1 kilowatt-hour of renewable energy, companies will receive more certificates for using the same amount of renewable energy.

  • City should operate like a business

    The City Utilities is a business? I would think it would be convenient for one to pay one’s bill after hours, like an automated system or something. And have emergency costumer service that would immediately address any gas or water leaks without charge! Sadly there is not only charges associated with turning on and off services, but after hours it can be nearly impossible to get any help! The property taxes have already risen, and now the gas, whoa!

    Susan Stone Salas
    Las Vegas

  • God Bless Mora County
  • Outsiders often remind us of what we have

    I was having tea with a successful author friend in Santa Fe the other day, and I mentioned something about the Optic, and she said “I LOVE the Optic!”

    She’s never lived here, but she subscribes, and says she enjoys the columns and editorials, the small-town news, and particularly all the stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

    Maybe it takes an outsider to remind us what he have here, occasionally.

    Jim Terr
    Las Vegas

  • Schools should prioritize academics

    This open letter to Felix Alderete, Member Las Vegas City Schools Board of Education, raises the question for more efficient administration of available funding.

    As a citizen of Las Vegas, New Mexico, I am proud of the accomplishments on the athletic fields of our city schools, BUT on any given day, a drive past the athletic fields of said school makes one wonder when there is any time left for education, besides that of character building on the athletic fields.

  • David and Goliath in Mora County

    In answer to your editorial “Where was Gary King”?  (11/20/13)  We feel you missed the point in supporting the lawsuit by the Independent Petroleum Association against Mora County.

    Why this lawsuit? It’s simply because Mora passed a Community Rights Ordinance which says, “People have an inalienable right to self-government, and that right can’t be suspended by corporations.”  John Olivas, Chairman of Mora County Commissioners says, “Why is it wrong for citizens of Mora County to say no to corporations?”

  • Mil Gracias - Nov. 29, 2013

    The Respect ABQ Women Campaign was successful in stopping a ban on women’s constitutional right for reproductive privacy. On Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, in Albuquerque, Pro-Choice trumped Anti-Choice by a good, solid 10 percent of the city vote. This success is incredible because of the number of organizations that put their backs to the cause of women’s liberty. This is a list of organizations that defeated the anti-women agenda:

  • Mil Gracias - Nov. 22, 2013

    The Las Vegas Police Department would like to thank the following local merchants who generously donated candy that was given out to numerous children for Halloween.
     The following Merchants donated:

    • Lowes Super Save on Mills Avenue (manager Ron Martinez)
    •. Lowes Super Save on Seventh Street (manager Michael Gonzales)
    • Walgreens on Mills Avenue (Keith Druyor, district manager)
    • Las Vegas Police Officers Association

    Christian Montaño
    Las Vegas Police Chief

  • Christ is still very much alive

    This is in response to Mr. Frank Torres’ letter, “Christmas Cookies.”

    I agree with Mr. Torres about the commercialization of Christmas. It has gotten so bad, that Christmas decorations are on sale before Halloween. Many people have forgotten what Christmas is all about — the birth of our lord, Jesus Christ. The detail has been lost somewhere in the shuffle.

  • Let’s stand with Mora County

    Some native Americans decided what actions to take, or not take, by considering the effect of such action on the seventh generation down the line. They looked to the future and wanted what was best for their grandchildren’s grandchildren.

    They looked to future generations and did not just care about themselves.

    There is an old saying: The mark of a wise man is that he can look to the future and know what is most likely to occur. So, if fracking were to happen, what is most likely to occur?