• Rational approach needed on drilling

    The ad run in the March 14 Optic, written by Jacobo and Valerie Pacheco, sets a tone that is very appealing but which at root is really sort of a fairy tale – the kind that ends with “and they lived happily ever after.”

    Setting aside the fact that the Pachecos make their living by the selling and transporting of hydrocarbons (propane), the appeal for protection of “our magnificent and pristine lands” and “our very way of life” disregards a number of inconvenient facts.

  • Mil gracias - March 21, 2014

    My name is Ramón Lucero Jr. I am the President of El Valle Water Alliance, a consortium of 13 communities in western San Miguel County. On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, Gov. Martinez signed House Bill 55 2014 Work NM Act - Severance Tax Bond Projects.

  • Microchip your pet

    What would you do if your loved four-legged family member got lost and could not find its  way home? Monique Martinez of Albuquerque searched every alley, posted lost dog flyers, and worried about her Yoshi, a Catahoula mix, day and night. During their search for Yoshi, the family received a tip he had been struck by a vehicle and run off into the mesa. After exhaustive searches, his heartbroken family believed him to be dead. Martinez was devastated because she didn’t know if he was alive.

  • Fiesta de la Hispanidad

    The 20th Annual Fiesta de la Hispanidad will take place in Ilfeld Auditorium on Friday, March 28 with doors opening at 6. Admission is $5. Advance tickets will be sold beginning March 24 with Donna Martínez at the KEDP radio station across the street from Ilfeld or at the door the night of the performance. The Fiesta de La Hispanidad thanks New Mexico Highlands University President Jim Fries, Las Vegas Community 1st Bank and the NMHU Foundation for their sponsorship. For more information, call 454-0438 or 454-3238..

    Sara Harris
    Las Vegas

  • Bulldog needed on City Council

    The recent shenanigans surrounding the hiring of Ann Marie Gallegos are just an example of how the gang at City Hall has been operating. They deliberately altered the Council’s published agenda online in a brazen attempt to circumvent the state’s Open Meetings Act so that they could weasel in a rightfully controversial and potentially unpopular appointee to a sensitive position with minimal public input. When they were caught in the act, rather than standing down, they hid behind the bought benediction of a local attorney and continued with the appointment anyway.

  • Mil gracias - March 14, 2014

    Because of the dedicated readers of Las Vegas and surrounding communities, the Las Vegas branch of the AAUW was able to hold another successful used book sale, this year at the Sala de Madrid. Thank you. Thanks also, to the Optic, especially Art Trujillo and Mercy Lopez, for the informative coverage, to Margaret Gonzales at Highlands for her assistance and to Highlands University for the use of the Sala during the two-day sale, and to UWC-USA for storage space at U-7.

  • Las Vegas needs Amtrak service

    Back in August of 2009, when I was inquiring about the Rail Runner Service being extended from Santa Fe to Raton, I wrote to then-Gov. Bill Richardson. He referred my letter to the Department. of Transportation assistant deputy secretary.

  • We can do more to prevent child abuse

    Child Abuse is a phrase that invokes sadness, disgust and anger in so many people. We are so often bombarded by stories of children killed or permanently injured by a parent or loved one. The emotional response that follows is immediate and strong and may even bring us to tears. Then life keeps going, our daily commitments push the thoughts of this tragedy away into the back of our minds. I am asking each and every one of you to think about this further. For something that has the power to cause such a response in us, is something that should not be ignored.

  • Solar energy is key to our state’s future

    As a New Mexico native, I know first-hand that New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the U.S. In fact New Mexico has 300 sunny days a year.

    The solar industry has increased its job growth by 19.9 percent by providing more than 23,000 jobs since September 2012; that is more than 10 times the national employment growth rate which increased a measly 1.9 percent. The increase in solar power jobs makes New Mexicans rely less on fossil fuels.

  • Solar industry is creating jobs

    As the world accumulates more waste and harmful toxins every day, it’s nice to see a step forward in our society with the growth of the solar industry, which creates more jobs every year and brings major benefits to the economy.

    The solar industry is helping enhance the job market for thousands of people and becoming more cost effective to use.