• Letters to the Editor - July 4, 2014

    Community 1st helps businesses
    If you saw Monday’s Optic about Community 1st Bank, you may question the reasons for the regulators “concern.” I know as much about banking regulations as a hog knows about Sunday. This I do know: Community 1st Bank has provided the loans I needed to grow my business. They provided similar loans to other local entities, loans that make growth and survival possible.

  • Letters to the Editor - June 27, 2014

    Regensbergs not treated fairly
    Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who voted for the Regensberg boys. As my mother in law used to say, “Whether you win or lose you need not worry because you are rich. Your faith is a treasure no one can touch. So at all times and places give thanks for the Lord’s kind glory and honor are the Lord’s and remember that only one life it will soon be past and only what is done for Christ will last.”

  • Letters to the Editor - June 20, 2014

    No room at the education table
    As you read this letter, please keep in mind that the author is a 40-plus years-educator veteran with three degrees in education, 22 years as a classroom teacher (last stint was four years ago), 15 years as a teacher educator, and two years as a consultant for a national company.

  • Letters to the Editor - June 13, 2014

    Deadline should have been enforced

  • Letters to the Editor - June 6, 2014

    East officials owe explanation
    In reading the latest news on the Las Vegas City Schools financial woes I am truly surprised. How could the school board, superintendant, and the Public Education Department be blinded by the outrageous amount of $3.46 million dollars of loans to the operational budget over the past several years?
    The following is a description of the funds that were borrowed against:
    General Obligation Bonds:

  • Letters to the Editor - May 30

    Praying for family that lost lodge
    We would like to send a prayer out to Peter and Valerie Romero and family along with their mother Norma and sister Leandra Romero from Holman for a tragic fire that destroyed their hunting lodge. Mr. Romero is a registered outfitter and owns and operates Sierra Blanca Outfitters in Mora County. Mr. Romero utilized the lodge to house his clients during the hunting season.

  • Letters to the Editor - May 23

    Police academy is common thread
    The New Mexico National Guard went and quelled a riot at the New Mexico State Penitentiary on Feb. 2, 1980. The situation was made even more dangerous by the fact that many of the prisoners had gotten into the prison pharmacy, yet none of the prisoners were killed by guardsmen. Our citizen soldiers can stand proud for this great duty performance.
      What seems to be the common denominator in all these police shootings — could it be all the cops are trained at the same police academy?

  • Letters to the Editor - May 16

    Mayor’s support for gov questioned
    GOP pundits are comparing Gov. Susanna Martinez to Sarah Palin, and really, both Palin and Martinez should feel demeaned by the comparison.

  • Voters made the right choice

    Congratulations to Tonita for her well deserved, hard fought and clean run-off win. Tonita’s victory has broken the cycle of the influence of self-seeking individuals, affluent citizens, selective business owners, political cronies and big money which have divided our community for many decades. With Tonita’s win along with councilman David Romero’s re-election the people will continue to have a voice as our community moves forward.

  • Water belongs to the soil

    Several weeks ago, I sat through one week of court proceedings where many city hired “water experts” and two attorneys promoted the idea, the water in the Rio Gallinas should belong to the city. My imagination started to wonder what could happen in 15 or 20 years when a few city elected officials took control of all the water in the river.

    I feel the water belongs to the soil where river bottom land may be needed to produce food for future generations.