• An invitation for area seniors

    Residents of San Miguel County who will be 50 years of age or older are invited to register for the Senior Olympics.

    Senior Olympics is an organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for all seniors age 50 and older through education, fitness and sporting events.

  • Deputy announces run for assessor

    I, San Miguel County Deputy Assessor Patricia Gallegos, a Democrat, announce my intention to run for San Miguel County Assessor.

    I have more than 20 years’ experience working in the San Miguel County Assessor’s Office. I held the position of mapper then the position of first deputy for six years under former San Miguel County Assessor Albert T. Padilla and currently eight years for San Miguel County Assessor Elaine A. Estrada.

  • Council candidate asks for your vote

    My name is John Lucero, and I’m running for City Council Ward 1 in the upcoming March 4 election. I’m running on a Clean and Quiet campaign slogan. I am a friend of the people. I am the owner and operator of Lucero’s Security and Investigation and have 45 years law enforcement experience.

    I strongly believe ... that a change is needed. I will work with the present City Council and also with our mayor, Mr. Alfonso Ortiz for more unity and a better city government. Your vote is greatly appreciated...  

  • Solar energy could improve economy

    One thing that doesn’t rise as consistently as the sun is our employment rate. The solar energy industry could help to change that though, because like the sun each morning, jobs in the solar industry are on the rise.

    The solar industry has added over 20,000 jobs since November 2012, a 19.9 percent increase, which is more than 10 times the national employment growth rate of 1.9 percent. The best part about these jobs that are being created is that most of them are paid a living wage! Right now New Mexico is ranked 10th in the nation for solar jobs per capita.

  • Reader: Cartoon disguised the truth

    Some weeks ago, the Optic ran an editorial cartoon that epitomizes the Democratic Party’s stand on abortion:

    1) The anti-abortionist was pictured as a loony caveman with a club, holding up a diminutive woman by her hair, i.e. anti-abortionists are stupid, predatory men.

    2) The pro-abortionist was “Lady Justice” on a pedestal saying “No” to the pro-life thug. We are to understand that she is the wise and protective one.

    3) The object of their disagreement was however not pictured, i.e. the life of a baby. I wonder why?

  • Broadband rules must be overhauled

    Antiquated telecommunication regulations are holding New Mexico back. According to the 2013 Mercatus Center report “Freedom in the 50 States,” New Mexico suffers under some of the heaviest regulatory burdens of any state. The Rio Grande Foundation has spent a great deal of time researching and exposing many of these burdensome regulations, which can undoubtedly improve the economic climate in New Mexico at no cost to the taxpayer.

  • Bill will benefit New Mexicans

    I am writing to express my support for SB 152, a bill in the Legislature that levels the regulatory playing field for phone companies.

    Some people might be surprised that I would support legislation that would benefit a competitor. But this is the right thing to do because it will help all New Mexicans in the long run.

  • Mil Gracias - Feb. 7, 2014

    The Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico, a division of the Las Vegas Arts Council, recently hosted the sixth annual Literacy Fair at the Abe Montoya Recreation Center. The theme was based on the American Indian legend of the dream catcher and tradition of storytelling.

    The catchword phrase was: “Make Your Dreams Come True: Read, Read, Read!”

  • Writer: East should keep schools chief

    As a teacher and administrator for both East and West Las Vegas Schools, I have experienced the results of untimely changes in the Administrative Staff; primarily the superintendent who is head of administration.

    Any changes that occur in changing administration again will affect all the school district, beginning with staff down to our children and community. The goals which are being implemented will never be accomplished and no results will be seen.

  • Rights ordinance is constitutional

    The men in my family and one aunt served their country in the military.