• Convinced Oswald didn’t act alone

    Six of us in three canoes were paddling tandem on a whitewater river, the Yampa, which is a tributary of the Colorado. My canoe partner, Fred, was one of the best I’ve ever had. We read the river the same way and anticipated each other’s moves.

  • Drilling is bad for the environment

    Hello, fellow Mora and San Miguel residents. More than 40 percent of all methane (a gas that contributes to global warming) being released to the air we breathe here in the U.S. is created by Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas (EPA). Although not yet determined, it is being assumed the primary culprit in Texas and Oklahoma is the oil and gas industry (ergo, fracking) and dairies in Kansas.

  • Biology, babies and morality

    When John F. Kennedy was elected, many Catholics rightly viewed it as a milestone in America’s acceptance of the Catholic faith. But that landmark was reached only after a long journey.

  • Penitente tradition strong in northern NM

    This letter is really written for the benefit of all Catholic priests within New Mexico who come to us from Anglo congregations and are not really familiar with the Hispanic culture. One of the most beautiful things that happens at a funeral for a Hispanic person is when the Penitentes, the brothers from la morada (morada) means a place of mourning, pray the rosary and sing the alabados, asking our Lord to take the soul in his hands and let them into heaven.

  • State should embrace solar, wind energy

    As a newcomer to the state of New Mexico, I cannot remember a single day when I walked outside and was not greeted by the warmth of the sun.

  • Looking at half of the sun

    I was astonished to find the Public Regulation Commission’s voting results on the production of solar energy in New Mexico. It’s amazing to know that New Jersey currently creates more solar energy than we do already, but now that 1 kilowatt-hour of solar energy is worth two credits, it cuts our value of solar energy production in half. This vote has just made the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard of reaching 15 percent by 2015 seem impossible.

  • PRC erred in altering energy credit rules

    Should a student receive double the credit for doing the minimum work required? If not, why should utility companies be allowed to?

    On Wednesday, Nov. 20, the Public Regulation Commission adjusted a rule allowing companies to receive double, and even triple the credit of a “Renewable Energy Certificate” for using renewable energy resources such as solar, biomass, and geothermal energy. Instead of a 1:1 ratio of one credit per 1 kilowatt-hour of renewable energy, companies will receive more certificates for using the same amount of renewable energy.

  • City should operate like a business

    The City Utilities is a business? I would think it would be convenient for one to pay one’s bill after hours, like an automated system or something. And have emergency costumer service that would immediately address any gas or water leaks without charge! Sadly there is not only charges associated with turning on and off services, but after hours it can be nearly impossible to get any help! The property taxes have already risen, and now the gas, whoa!

    Susan Stone Salas
    Las Vegas

  • God Bless Mora County
  • Outsiders often remind us of what we have

    I was having tea with a successful author friend in Santa Fe the other day, and I mentioned something about the Optic, and she said “I LOVE the Optic!”

    She’s never lived here, but she subscribes, and says she enjoys the columns and editorials, the small-town news, and particularly all the stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

    Maybe it takes an outsider to remind us what he have here, occasionally.

    Jim Terr
    Las Vegas