• Reader: Cartoon disguised the truth

    Some weeks ago, the Optic ran an editorial cartoon that epitomizes the Democratic Party’s stand on abortion:

    1) The anti-abortionist was pictured as a loony caveman with a club, holding up a diminutive woman by her hair, i.e. anti-abortionists are stupid, predatory men.

    2) The pro-abortionist was “Lady Justice” on a pedestal saying “No” to the pro-life thug. We are to understand that she is the wise and protective one.

    3) The object of their disagreement was however not pictured, i.e. the life of a baby. I wonder why?

  • Broadband rules must be overhauled

    Antiquated telecommunication regulations are holding New Mexico back. According to the 2013 Mercatus Center report “Freedom in the 50 States,” New Mexico suffers under some of the heaviest regulatory burdens of any state. The Rio Grande Foundation has spent a great deal of time researching and exposing many of these burdensome regulations, which can undoubtedly improve the economic climate in New Mexico at no cost to the taxpayer.

  • Bill will benefit New Mexicans

    I am writing to express my support for SB 152, a bill in the Legislature that levels the regulatory playing field for phone companies.

    Some people might be surprised that I would support legislation that would benefit a competitor. But this is the right thing to do because it will help all New Mexicans in the long run.

  • Mil Gracias - Feb. 7, 2014

    The Literacy Council of Northeastern New Mexico, a division of the Las Vegas Arts Council, recently hosted the sixth annual Literacy Fair at the Abe Montoya Recreation Center. The theme was based on the American Indian legend of the dream catcher and tradition of storytelling.

    The catchword phrase was: “Make Your Dreams Come True: Read, Read, Read!”

  • Writer: East should keep schools chief

    As a teacher and administrator for both East and West Las Vegas Schools, I have experienced the results of untimely changes in the Administrative Staff; primarily the superintendent who is head of administration.

    Any changes that occur in changing administration again will affect all the school district, beginning with staff down to our children and community. The goals which are being implemented will never be accomplished and no results will be seen.

  • Rights ordinance is constitutional

    The men in my family and one aunt served their country in the military.

  • Another prisoner of conscience set free

    Members of the local group of Amnesty International rejoice at the recent release from Administrative Detention in Israel of the Palestinian writer and teacher Ahmed Qatamesh who the group had adopted as a “prisoner of conscience.”

    We wish to share this good news with all those in Las Vegas who, over the past two years, have helped by writing cards and letters to Qatamesh himself and to Israeli military and civil authorities including the ambassador in Washington D. C.

  • Optic shouldn’t have run column

    Given our area’s history of animal abuse, including dog fighting, running the Rick Kraft column that starts with a dog fighting joke was a lapse in judgement.

    For people that think I should lighten up about the topic, go spend some time in our shelter, or out in the field with Animal Control or our volunteer animal rescue groups. There’s not much to find amusing.

    Corie Weaver
    Las Vegas

  • Campos shouldn’t stay at Luna

    It appears from what I have read that Pete Campos may remain as CEO of Luna Community College.

    Appears as though this politico has positioned himself to where the LCC Board is being led by the nose for his every whim.

    I guess when he makes it known he is going to retire that means little to his credibility.

    Is Las Vegas so indebted to this person that he is able to do what ever he wishes because he is the local politician bringing money to the area?

  • A skateboard park for Las Vegas?

    I was at Traveler’s Café several days ago when I saw several young men gathering and an adult man writing “Proposed Skateboard Park” on a whiteboard. Mayor (Alfonso) Ortiz arrived shortly thereafter to attend what appeared to be a scheduled meeting on the topic. I asked if I could sit in on this meeting, given that I was an avid skateboarder in my youth, having grown up on the east coast near Boston.