• Recognize the union

    The (Feb. 9) article on the local hospital was interesting. But why does the management not recognize the union? The workers voted for union representation and have been supported by the community.

    Why must the hospital wait until it is required by the government to negotiate with the workers?

    Meredith Britt
    Las Vegas

  • VFD should get Peck back

    A while back, I read a letter to the editor thanking all the people who fought the fire when the Tony Apodaca residence burned in the Gascon Valley. I wanted to echo that thanks. As bad as it was, I know it could have been a lot worse if the high winds had carried that fire down the valley.

  • Mil Gracias

    Thank you to the Volunteer Fire Departments from Rainsville, Mora, and Golondrinas and to our neighbors for their prompt response to the Rainsville fire on Jan. 28.  

    Their prompt response prevented what could have been a very different outcome. Individuals such as these are true assets to our communities and to Mora County.

    Douglas and Doris Velarde

  • Grateful for another term

    Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to the voters of the Mora Independent School District for electing me to an unprecedented fifth term to the Board of Education. It has been an honor, a privilege and a joy to serve in this capacity for 16 years and I will continue to do my best to validate those who believe in my capabilities and who have entrusted me with this awesome responsibility.

  • Praise for the art scene in Las Vegas

    Recently I had the opportunity to look through the Guia de los Artistas. I was highly impressed with, one, the quality of the guide itself and, two, the level of talent displayed by the artists inside.

    It’s good to know there is such a vibrant art scene with my neighbors to the east. Keep up the good work!

    Robert M. Copeland
    Santa Fe

  • Mora commission making progress

    I attended the second Mora County Commission meeting of the new administration on Jan. 11.  I was very impressed by the tone of openness, transparency and professionalism that was set by the new commission composed of Paula Garcia, chair, John Olivas and incumbent Laudente Quintana.

    The meeting room was full to overflowing and the citizens were able to witness and participate in an extended morning and afternoon session that covered a lot of urgent and important topics, including a presentation by state Rep. Thomas Garcia.

  • Mil Gracias

    On behalf of the students of Robertson High School we would like to thank all of the school board candidates for attending the Las Vegas City Schools school board forum and the various community members who attended.

    We would also like to thank Mr. Eddie King and Mrs. Charlene Jiron for allowing us to hold this forum, also for providing some refreshments. Thank you to Mr. Wallace Sanchez for allowing the use of the band room. As well as Mr. David Hill and Ms. Brenda Ortega-Benavidez for their continued support in student government.

  • Death penalty cases waste money

    I thought Gov. Susana Martinez was concerned about the cost of government and a record revenue shortfall. Now I hear she wants to bring back capital punishment?

    One person, a “volunteer,” has been executed in New Mexico since 1960 at a cost of well over $200 million. Death penalty cases in New Mexico cost about six times as much as other murder cases. The public Defender’s office alone will save several million dollars a year.

  • Center needed for disadvantaged youth

    I heard that someone has an idea to build a center for disadvantaged youth in Mora County. I feel this is the best idea anyone has thought of yet.

    A lot of people feel or think that disadvantaged youth, be it either physical or emotional, are delinquents. They are not. Rather, they are young people who have had the misfortune of being handed a bad deck of cards.

    There are no bad youth, only youth who for some reason have a low self esteem, and they find themselves in a world that seems unbearable to them at times.

  • No. 1 priority is education

    I read in Monday’s Optic that I was all for job creation by the schools and it was one of my top priorities. Well my response, is that is wrong by all accounts. I have never put jobs in my top priorities other than keep jobs. The No. 1 priority is education.