• The role school boards should play

    After my letter to the Optic was published last month, I received requests from friends in Las Vegas asking me to jot down a few thoughts about school boards, their roles and responsibilities. So, here goes.

  • Reader reflects on ‘tragic comedy’

    Let’s see if I’ve got this straight:

  • Mil gracias - Dec. 27, 2013
  • East superintendent needs support

    After watching my father who was a N.M. superintendent of schools for over 30 years including nine in West Las Vegas and having worked with troubled school districts around the country, I came to the realization that it takes the community, teachers, the school board and superintendent working in tandem to put into place sound policies that will stabilize the district and improve the quality of education.

  • Fool me twice, shame on me

    “Thumbs up” for Christmas trees in “New Town.” A lump of coal for Old Town. Texas has attempted repeatedly to invade our area, and, since they’ve taken over Old Town Plaza, we at least  now get lights on the Plaza trees.  

    Consolidation of the two Las Vegas, New Mexico, school districts: “Old Town” has been left out of any progress after consolidation of city/town — e.g., Moreno/South Pacific intersection alone contained upwards of 12 businesses, only to lose out from city-town consolidation.

  • Wrong to reward good test scores

    I’m calling the Optic out on their misleading headline of last week, “Governor wants to reward good teachers.” She does not want to reward good teachers; she wants to reward good test scores. What the former district attorney (our Governor) and our never-been-a-teacher, for-profit-education-industry representative (our Secretary of Education) don’t understand is that a good teacher and a good data producer are two different things.

  • AG responds to Optic editorial

    In a recent editorial entitled “Where was Gary King?” concerning the Mora County Commissioners’ ban on fracking, the Las Vegas Optic and the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico failed to understand the duties of the State Attorney General in their one-sided tirade against me.

  • Alum proud of championship
  • Fond memories of skating pond

    I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and although I am an old man now, I still have crystal clear recollections of my childhood which come flooding back to me this time of year.

    I can remember the ice skating pond up in Montezuma and my grandmother driving me up there every afternoon after school so I could practice my figures and skate with my friends. Oh, the crisp air with a trace of fireplace smoke in the distance, and the excitement of just being there during the holidays! Out of all my childhood memories, I cherish this one the most.

  • Vasectomies may be the solution

    I believe a reasonable alternative to Mr. (Frank) Splendoria’s concerns (about abortion) is to mandate vasectomies for all men by age 35.

    Pamela G. Daves
    Las Vegas