• Give Buxton a chance

    Matt Griego, the city’s interim Community Development director, likely got more than he was bargaining for this past Wednesday when he briefed the City Council on the results of the Buxton Analytics study.

    The city commissioned the study several months ago, agreeing to pay the company $50,000 in exchange for data about where Las Vegas residents are spending their money and what they’re spending it on. The company was also asked to use the data collected to identify retailers and chain restaurants that could do well in Las Vegas.

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  • Treat teachers fairly

    We like the idea of tying teacher evaluations to growth their students demonstrate on state proficiency tests.

    Teachers who manage to move their students forward by one grade level or better during a school year deserve to be recognized for that accomplishment. Similarly, teachers who aren’t moving their students forward need to know that, and they need to be given an opportunity to change the way they’re teaching so that they can get through to their students.

  • Dollies asset to this area

    One of the feel-good features of living in the Meadow City is its diversity. For a small town, it’s phenomenal the amount of activities and groups available.

    And an important part of the equation is the willingness of groups to help out any way they can.

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    Congratulations to the Las Vegas Wildlife refuge for its efforts Sunday  in providing refreshments, hayrides for all, nature fun and games for youngsters and for organizing the “Concert for the Birds,” featuring The Children’s Choir of Las Vegas under the direction on Kevin Zoernig and the Smooth Riders Jazz Quartet featuring Ralph Marquez (drums), Bruce Holmes (alto sax), Edward Harrington (bass), Kevin Zoernig (keyboard), joined by Steve Leger (trumpet).


  • Expungement a bad idea

    In a perfect world, anyone who commits a crime and is arrested would be convicted and end up behind bars if the crime is serious enough.

    It goes without saying that we don’t live in a perfect world.

    Our country’s founding fathers set up a criminal justice system in which prosecutors must prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for that individual to be convicted of a crime. And that’s exactly as it should be. As the saying goes, it’s better that 10 guilty men go free than that one innocent man be convicted.

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    When rivals Robertson High School Cardinals and the Santa Fe St. Michael’s Horsemen meet in football, the object isn’t just to win but to win big. Each team dreams of holding the other team scoreless, in what might have become the big rivalry in Class 4A football. The Cardinals won big, holding the Horsemen scoreless. But let’s not over-celebrate, as the Capital City crew is vowing revenge, perhaps down the line during tournament time.


  • Editorial: Time to study police pay

    The Las Vegas Police Officers Association minced no words last week during the public input portion of the City Council meeting.

    The message, delivered by officer Adam Vigil: “Over the past several years the LVPOA has been working towards helping its members to achieve a rate of pay which will enable them to better afford the cost of living in our city. The truth of the matter is we are constantly losing officers to other agencies which have put public safety at the top of their priority list.”

  • An incredible summer

    With summer officially drawing to a close this week, it was fitting that the final weekend of the season would feature a classic car show at Fort Union Drive-In paired with showings of “Grease” and “Cantinflas.”

    Fitting because the summer of 2014 ended up being packed with fun things to do in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, events that gave locals an excuse to explore their own city, and tourists a reason to come to the Meadow City. The Fort Union event marked the 57th birthday of the classic 1957 vehicles.

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    Las Vegas police suspect three juveniles of breaking into the Las Vegas Senior Center,  two West Las Vegas schools and vehicles earlier this month. The buildings were then vandalized, resulting in more than $1,000 in damage. The cases are being handed over to the Juvenile Probation Office. Let’s hope that those responsible are held accountable and that they learn that it’s not OK to break into a building and vandalize it.