• Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Jan 15, 2016

    Don Cecilio Martinez Elementary cooks Helen Roybal and Dorothy Aragon are receiving much deserved recognition for springing into action and saving a child. A Don Cecilio Elementary student was choking, and Roybal and Aragon performed the Heimlich Maneuver on him. They were able to dislodge the stuck particle of food from the child’s throat before emergency personnel arrived. The West Las Vegas School Board honored Roybal and Aragon in December. That child was lucky that Roybal and Aragon knew what to do in that situation.

  • Editorial Cartoon Jan 13, 2016
  • Editorial:Enhance DWI penalties

    In fewer than 48 hours, law enforcement officers arrested three individuals in San Miguel County who between them have racked up a combined 16 DWI arrests.

    • Arthur Lucero, 52, of the 2700 block of Seventh Street was arrested on New Year’s Eve on his seventh DWI.

    • Lawrence Valerio Jr., 39, of the 600 block of El Creston, was arrested on his fifth DWI on New Year’s Day.

    • And Viola Tafoya, 48, of the 1000 block of Railroad Avenue was also arrested on New Year’s Day on her fourth DWI.

  • Good for Obama

    We’ll be the first to acknowledge that President Barack Obama’s plan to tighten controls on gun sales in this country wouldn’t have gone very far toward preventing the mass shootings that have devastated so many communities in recent years.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Jan 8, 2016
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  • Editorial: Make police cars a priority

    A large organization like the city of Las Vegas has many competing needs.

    There are potholes that need to be patched, drainage problems that need to be solved, buildings that need to be refurbished, roofs that need to be fixed, employees who deserve raises. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on.  And while the needs are seemingly endless, the city’s resources certainly are not.

  • Editorial cartoons - Jan. 3, 2015
  • Editorial: Anti-Muslim hysteria wrong

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from the (Primos) Delaware County Daily Times and was originally published on Dec. 27.

    We’ve come a long way since President George W. Bush’s visit to a mosque in the aftermath of the al-Qaida attacks of September 11 where he declared “Islam is peace.” A long way in the wrong direction.

  • Editorial Roundup - Jan. 3, 2015

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Dallas Morning-News on cyber security (Dec. 23):

    We live in a scary world, as the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., underscored recently. Now, imagine a scenario in which foreign actors can cripple our nation’s critical infrastructure ­— electrical grids, data networks and air-traffic control, to name a few of the vulnerabilities — without exploding a single bomb.