• See something, say something

    The horrific images of Hubble and many of the other dogs that have been rescued from Las Vegas and San Miguel County in recent years are shocking. Unfortunately, those images are nothing new to animal rescue workers who consistently see some of the worst animal abuse and neglect cases coming out of our city and county.

    Veterinarians say that Hubble was 12 to 24 hours away from death. He was so malnourished that his body looked like a bag of bones, and maggots were already eating on him.

  • A costly lesson

    Officials at state and local agencies throughout New Mexico should take note of a ruling issued by Santa Fe District Judge Sara Singleton last week.

    Singleton ordered the state’s Public Education Department to pay more than $14,000 in legal fees because it failed to respond to a public records request submitted by the National Education Association. The $14,000 in legal fees is in addition to a $485 fine PED was ordered to pay in July for violating the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act.

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  • Kentucky’s martyr

    Congratulations to Kim Davis, a misguided county clerk in Kentucky, who has succeeded in turning herself into a martyr for the anti-gay–marriage movement.

    On Tuesday, presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz announced that they were planning jailhouse meetings with Davis.

  • Bond reform needed

    One of the fundamental tenets of our country’s legal system is that people accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty.
    We’d guess that the vast majority of people in this state and in this country would agree that that provision, which is ensconced in both our state and federal constitutions, is sacred and must be preserved at all costs. It is, after all, the safeguard that forces the government to prove our guilt beyond a reasonable doubt should we ever be accused of committing a crime.

  • Editorial Roundup - September 6, 2015

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram on crime rates (Aug. 27):
    Be sad — but not scared
    When our newscasts and social media are inundated with reports of violent crime, we become not only fearful but forgetful.
    From the round-the-clock news updates and frightening true-crime TV shows, it’s easy to think violent crime is worse than ever.
    No. Violent crime in America is half what it was 20 years ago, according to the FBI Crime in the United States report.

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  • Troubling allegations

    As secretary of state, Dianna Duran is the New Mexico official responsible for ensuring that our elections are fair and conducted with integrity. She is also responsible for making sure that candidates follow our state’s campaign finance laws.

    That’s why the charges Attorney General Hector Balderas filed against Duran last Friday are so troubling.

  • Social media murder

    Many of us take to Twitter or Facebook to share the joys of life. Our digital connectedness makes it easy to update others on the birth of a grandchild, a big job promotion or the perfect vacation.
    Sadly, it also provides a potentially high-profile channel for those filled with hate and rage, from anonymous online commenters to terrorists in the Middle East and a cold-blooded killer at a shopping mall in Virginia.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - August 28, 2015

    Kudos to Wid Slick, Ray Valdez and to everyone else who worked hard to put on this past weekend’s Meadow City Music Festival. The performers selected to be a part of the three-day event drew big crowds to both the Plaza Park area and to the Serf Theatre. Kudos also to all of the performers who showed up and provided their audiences with great shows. Turn to Page B7 for photos from the music festival.