• Dispatch New Mexico - The latest chapter in civil rights

    Americans have seen a lot of civil rights advancements over the past half-century, with a launching point for other causes coming with the modern-day Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ‘60s.

  • Just a Thought - A country worthy of being blessed by God

    By Rick Kraft

    On the wall behind my desk at home is a print of Abraham Lincoln in the oval office. He is down on one knee by his desk. On the plaque below the print is a quote by him: “It is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependance upon the overruling power of God. And to recognize the sublime truth announced in the Holy Scriptures and proved by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.”

  • Editorial Roundup - July 3, 2015

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Dallas Morning News on public servants’ religious beliefs and same-sex couples’ rights (June 30):
    No one should deny government employees’ right to exercise religious freedom in their personal affairs, but there must be no ambiguity regarding their official responsibilities. They are constitutionally bound to uphold rights and provide government services without discrimination.

  • Work of Art: Being pelted with erasers

    The class of students that made perhaps the biggest impression on me was an eighth-grade language arts group I taught in a rural town in northwestern New Mexico. Because of a scheduling mixup on the first day, the 24 students I would have had became separated: Ms. Virginia Vigil takes all the girls; I keep the boys.

    That error became a brilliant move, not because of the unisex nature of the class but because of the personalities of the 12 boys.

  • Dispatch New Mexico - We’re messing with Mother Nature’s predators

    A lot of critters have been in the news lately. Predators, mainly, as a couple of meetings in recent weeks highlight. One was in the southwestern region of the state, the other up north.

    People are debating the Mexican gray wolf in and around the Gilas, while others are considering ways to control bears, cougars, coyotes and other meat-eating animals in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

  • Another perspective - Let’s manage our water system better

    By Ray Gallegos

  • Just a Thought - The consequences of the ‘What if’ game

    By Rick Kraft

    I heard a speaker once say that we are always at one of three locations in our lives: we are either entering a storm, in the middle of a storm, or leaving a storm. There will always be storms in our lives. In each of our lives we do have sunny days, but are they the rule or the exception in your life?

  • Editorial Roundup - June 26, 2015

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Watertown Daily Times on the 130th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty’s delivery (June 19):

    For someone who’s 130 years old, the Statue of Liberty is looking pretty good these days.
    The iconic symbol of freedom was delivered to the United States through New York Harbor on June 17, 1885. It took more than a year for the pedestal to be completed, and the statue was reassembled and presented to the public Oct. 28, 1886.

  • Valley folk proud of recipes, willing to share traditions

    My readers already know that I have boxes and boxes of old papers of various sorts, including recipes from long ago. This is an inherited gene, I’m sure, because my mother did the same thing
    It is no surprise when I open up yet another stored box of these papers to find the Friday, June 1, Chicago Tribune, section 1-A page begging to be read once again. Mother obviously tore this page out and its title is:  “From New Mexico: Foods With a Heritage.” This was the Tribune’s weekly  illustrated food guide with recipes, menus and ideas.

  • Work of Art: Ring missing 55 years

    A few decades ago, when the late broadcaster Paul Harvey used to provide “The Rest of the Story,” he told about a well-to-do couple who’d given each other expensive wedding rings, engraved, with names and dates, before taking a trans-Atlantic cruise on a luxury liner.