• A primer on expressions

    It’s been only in my adult years that I’ve come across the term “Black Friday.” I’ve heard several explanations as to why it’s called that — some much more plausible than others.

    Three of the most common explanations about the term have to do with weather conditions and pollution, the kind we find in big cities, compounded by rain, snow, sleet and sludge, as shoppers rush home with their treasures.

  • Tax simplification needs simplifying

    By John Stossel

    As you read this, President Trump’s tax plan is being debated. Congress will change it. Where this ends, no one knows. 

    I want two things: 

    1. Simplification.

    2. More money in private hands.

  • I’m thankful for Thanksgiving!

    Beth Speaks for Herself — By Beth Urech

    As a child, I loved Thanksgiving. Turkey, yes! Stuffing, yes!  Pumpkin pie, yes! I relished my mom’s salad made with cranberries and orange segments mixed into jello and then scooped into little tin molds.

  • How are you measuring the progress in your life?

    Just a Thought .... by Rick Kraft

    How do you derive your self worth? What in your world determines whether or not you are having a good day?

  • Another Perspective: Congress needs to reassert its war-powers role — cautiously

    The following excerpt is from an editorial published this week in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news - Nov. 17, 2017


    We should expect large crowds every time Nex Mexco college teams play in the Pit on Saturday when Highlands University’s Cowboys take on Western New Mexico and Eastern New Mexico. 

    What made the game closer to home for Las Vegans is the probability that our own D.J. Bustos, the record-setting point-scorer for the West Las Vegas Dons, started both games and played more than 20 minutes in each.

  • New Mexico’s diversity is in its landscape, too

    Perhaps you know that New Mexico is one of only five states that don’t have a white majority. Hispanics combined with Native Americans outnumber the Anglos here. 


    But racial and/or cultural diversity isn’t the only thing that provides a spice to life in these parts. Physical resources have added greatly to the mix.

  • Lots of zeros in a billion

    Listening to a radio broadcast on population trends in the United States, I was amazed at how anybody could possibly understand the amount or meaning of figures the announcer tossed out.

  • She took on the bully — and won

    By Connie Schultz

    Last January, John Carman returned from Donald Trump's inauguration apparently so puffed up that he decided to make fun of the much larger crowd at the Women's March the next day.

    This, in itself, is not news. There are plenty of men in America who would rather mock women than try to understand them. Carman, however, is one of nine elected members of Atlantic County's freeholder board in New Jersey.

    Carman, a Republican, was up for re-election Tuesday.

    This is where it gets interesting.

  • Don’t be the past or the future; be present

    Just a Thought ..... by Rick Kraft


    Breathe in and breathe out deeply.

    Be present! Do not be past. Do not be future. BE NOW!

    Where are you living your life? Are you living in your past, your present, or your future?