• Another Perspective: Our country will survive

    By M.E. Sprengelmeyer

    Could you hear the audible shrieks echoing down from every ivory tower?

    Did you feel the ground moving from a temblor in the Upper Midwest?

    Did you cover your ears when the experts of the chattering class started swearing up and down about the predictions that had gone so very, very wrong?

    And could you see the talking heads quivering like frightened bobble-head dolls when they couldn’t spin the election results back to something that fit into the same old script of a conventional blow-out for the establishment?

  • Work of Art: Whales failed to show up

    THE CARIBBEAN — When my wife, Bonnie, and I took a weeklong vacation to Belize formerly British Honduras, in northeastern Central America, we were both impressed.

    The trip came as a retirement present after 28 years of teaching at Highlands

    Never having entered Central America before, we couldn’t believe how organized the itinerary was. We flew from Houston but needed to get across to Ambergris Cay, a tiny island whose natives and tourists get around in tiny go-carts whose maximum speed is about 10 mph.

  • Beth Speaks for Herself - Where’s that event?

    By Beth Urech

    Ever heard a bellowing elephant in heat? Neither have I; however, the sound may sound like someone practicing the baritone sax in the living room. The noise is so unmusical that Java howls while I search for earplugs. Wait! “Java, let’s take a stroll around the block.”

  • Another Perspective: NMHU tackling accreditation issues

    By Sam Minner

    This September, New Mexico Highlands received notice from our regional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission, that the university is on probation.

    While this is something I take very seriously, we as a community cannot let rumor and misinformation derail the positive work we have done and will continue to do to ensure Highlands is transforming to a stronger, more efficient institution we can all be proud of.

    New Mexico Highlands is accredited. Anyone who’s graduated from Highlands graduated from an accredited institution.

  • Just a Thought: I don’t like eating baloney sandwiches

    By Rick Kraft

    It was the fifth day in a row Mack had complained and his coworker, Sam, had had enough. Together they sat on a steel beam several stories above the ground with their legs dangling off the edge. They worked hard on the construction site.

    A floor at a time the building was being built. But when the noon bell rang for lunchtime, they relaxed every minute they could before the 12:30 bell reminded them they had an afternoon of work ahead.

  • Straight from the City: Toward a tech-savvy city

    The City of Las Vegas is becoming more tech-savvy than you might think.

    Our water treatment plants have forsaken liquid chlorine and are now using a combination of ultraviolet light and sodium hypochlorite to sterilize water. The sodium hypochlorite is electrically generated on site from common table salt (sodium chloride.)

  • Dispatch New Mexico - Winning, losing and finishing

    Back in my 20s, when dinosaurs roamed the land, I coached basketball in an inner-city league in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Inspired by “The White Shadow” television show at the time, the teenagers on my team named themselves the Shadows because I was the only white coach in the league.

    We lost every game that season. Despite the fact that we had a standout team captain who worked the post with great skill, a guy we all called J.C., we just couldn’t pull off a single win.

  • Work of Art: Call it ‘Puerto Caliente’

    Our bus driver-guide told us, “There are four seasons here: summer, summer, summer and summer.” And he was absolutely correct.

    He made that flippant remark as we rode high up into the mountains of Puerto Rico on Monday. I don’t know how many of the 60-plus passengers even caught the driver’s exaggeration, as many of us were nodding off in the heat and humidity in San Juan.

  • Another Perspective: Bond C will help economy

    By Sam Minner

    When many people think about higher education, they think about their careers. Study after study has shown that a person with a college degree is likely to earn more money during their lifetime, unemployed less and contribute more to their local economies.

    But there is also a more immediate impact our colleges and universities have on New Mexico’s economy and employment: one in which New Mexico voters have a say.

  • Just a Thought: Being grateful in difficult times

    By Rick Kraft

    I often wonder why I have been born at this time in this country. Each day I have been given, I make every effort to live with an attitude of gratitude. I recognize that in the entire history of mankind, no one has ever had the modern conveniences that we take for granted on a daily basis today.