• Palabras Pinturescas: Native American jewelry part of family’s history

    Life is always brighter here when my youngest granddaughter, a helicopter pilot, drops in for a visit.

    She has flown at least 300 hours in a helicopter fighting forest fires in California, and now she, her machine, and crew move to Colorado to do game counts for their state game and fish department. She hopes there will be snow on the ground there, which makes these counts much easier as the white background is helpful.

  • Attacks on Paris another chance to get the war right

    ROSWELL — War is a man-made institution, the worst thing we ever created. But there are times in which it’s either kill or be killed, so it becomes a necessity for survival.

    It’s no surprise that, last week, when terrorists killed civilians in one of the most culturally enriched cities on earth, the world took notice. It highlights the fact that if the world doesn’t quash ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris, they’ll spread their brand of terrorism across the globe.

  • A work of Art: ‘More muscle over here’

    It’s unsettling to see so much unrest in an institution that has been dear to us. I watched a clip of a lot of tussling on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus at the time the university’s president, Tim Wolfe  and a chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, resigned their jobs in response to complaints by students at the mostly-white university.

  • Another Perspective: Use of state lands by public hunters in danger of becoming a thing of the past

    If there’s one thing that we New Mexicans pride ourselves on, it’s tradition. Our cultural and familial traditions are some of the most important aspects of our lives. We hold them near and dear to our hearts and will do anything to protect them. This can entail anything from spending hours trying to get Grandma to put measurements to her recipes so that you can write them down for continued use, to protesting and resisting to ensure that our way of life is passed on to future generations. It’s in our history, our culture, our identity; it is who we are.

  • Just a Thought - Community conflicts and a bumper sticker

    By Rick Kraft

    The headline on the front page of a local newspaper states that last night the community was emotionally split over a controversial issue being heard by the community leaders. A bumper sticker on the rear fender of a car that was parked in the parking lot stated “God Bless Everyone. No Exceptions.”

    So how do we reconcile these two concepts of a highly emotional conflict and blessing everyone? Are they reconcilable? I believe so.

  • Another Perspective: The twin ghosts plaguing our country

    By Jim Terr

    We all know it’s true on an individual level: A lie, an injustice, a memory buried or unacknowledged warps us, pains us, keeps us off course and unconscious, as we maneuver around it, rationalize it, avoid it. Until we confront it, remember it, embrace it, forgive it, let it go, apologize for it, whatever, it twists and reduces us.

    And so it is for a group of us, including a country.

  • A work of Art: Heidi Game revisited

    It’s hard to imagine that years after a fiasco involving a television network that other geniuses would produce a rerun of that shameful act.

    How many readers can recall the infamous “Heidi Game”? It took place in the fall of 1968 and involved two leading (at the time) National Football League teams, the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets. There was a virtual rerun of the “Heidi Game” this past Sunday, although not quite of the magnitude of the one 47 years ago.
    Let me explain:

  • Beth Speaks for Herself - In the back yard with Java
  • Just a Thought - If I had only one day together with you

    By Rick Kraft

    I am a both a student and a teacher of leadership. I had the chance to listen to one of my mentors over the past 20 years speak at a recent conference in Atlanta.

    Author and speaker John Maxwell was not on the speaker list, but he showed up at the conference and was given the opportunity to present a short talk on leadership packed full of tools and applications. Maxwell combines a history of 25 years as a pastor followed by 20 years of leadership training in the business world.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Abundant moisture in mountains creates work for Rociada folks

    In case you missed it, Fall fell fast here in the mountains last week. One beautiful day it is almost 70 degrees, and the next afternoon it is raining at 44 degrees, with snow predicted for higher peaks.