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  • Book clubs celebrate reading

    Oprah’s Book Club is one book club that almost everyone knows about. Oprah has singlehandedly awakened adult interest in reading books and discussing them with others.

    She has served the same purpose as Harry Potter—his author’s influence on pre-teen reading has been nothing less than spectacular.

  • Ex-city accountant pleads guilty

    This last season, the coaches of the Highlands University football team frowned upon players going to bars — and they actually swept such establishments to make sure they stayed away.

    “We definitely went to bars and kept them out. We didn’t want issues with fighting. We made a conscious effort to clean these bars out,” Athletic Director Ed Manzanares said. “It’s not unusual to sweep bars. Each program has its own rules.”

    Manzanares said his coaching staff did the same when he headed the basketball team a few years ago.

  • Confessions of a Hispanic woman

    In 2006, Patricia Crespín’s first play, “We Are Hispanic American Women ... Okay!” opened in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  In November 2008, her career as a playwright comes full circle when “Confessions of a Hispanic American Woman” premiers in Las Vegas, as well.

  • Ouch! Us, too...

    Now, the economy just doesn’t affect the adults, it affects the younger crowd too.

    With the crazy gas prices (which are actually getting better) and the money that has to go toward school, I would have never guessed that this would effect me the way it has.

    Now that I have a car and drive myself everywhere, I’ve noticed that most of my money has gone straight toward gas, and I have to say my car is not the most efficient on gas. It’s good, but it has a big tank so when I go to fill it up it takes about 30 dollars or more.

  • The Harvey Girls at Montezuma's Castle

    “The Harvey Girls” will be the theme for the 2008 Las Vegas Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation Annual Preservation Awards Dinner, which will be held at the former Harvey House Hotel, the Montezuma Castle at the United World College of the American West.  

  • Don't high-five the bailout

    The first time I felt the impact of big bucks was in my youth, while window shopping at the old J.C. Penney store in Las Vegas, exactly where Beall’s operates now.

    I had been selling newspapers downtown and ran in to a fifth-grade classmate who I thought to be the richest kid in town. We began talking about finances. I’d been proud of having opened my own passbook-savings account, at the First National Bank, and, solely through sales of Optics, I’d built up a nest egg of about $7.

  • Agenda for Las Vegas City Council meeting

    • The Las Vegas City Council will meet at 6 p.m. today in the council’s chambers in City Hall, 1700 N. Grand Ave.


    • Tree board presenting the Tree City USA Award

    • Louie Loera on recommendations of the Plaza Task Force.

    • Arturo Mondragon and Susanna Gonzales from the Parks and Recreation Task Force.

    City manager’s informational report

    • Status of Legion Drive project.

    • Status of Lee Drive roundabout.

    • Status of Tony Ortega properties.

  • Officials: Dorms on schedule

    The construction of new dorms at Highlands University is on schedule, officials said last week.

    “It’ll really be a step up for student life,” said Bill Taylor, the school’s vice president of finance. “The dorms are moving along nicely.”

    Marisol Greene, the university’s director of facilities and planning, said the contractor, Franken Construction, has finished much of the outside work and is now focusing on the inside.

    “We are on target,” she said.

  • COLUMN: Volunteering victims? No way

    The people accused of assaulting others during a Robertson High School football camp in August are innocent until proven guilty. That’s as it should be.

    The allegations, of course, are highly disturbing. The one excuse we’re hearing over and over holds no water whatsoever.

  • Mayor goes over HUD official’s head

    Mayor Tony Marquez is going over the head of a top federal housing official in New Mexico because of the official’s alleged vendetta against Las Vegas.

    Marquez has invited Justin Ormsby from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department regional office in Fort Worth, Texas, to meet with the Las Vegas City Council.

    The mayor also informed federal elected officials about the Las Vegas Optic story of the alleged vendetta against the city by HUD official Floyd Duran, according to a city press release.