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  • Helping save a species - Research project on boreal toads aims to preserve ecosystems

    By Margaret McKinney
    Highlands University

    New Mexico Highlands University is donating endangered boreal toads raised from eggs in a biology laboratory at the university to zoos in the U.S. for conservation efforts and education.

    Boreal toads are extinct in New Mexico. The Detroit Zoo National Amphibian Center, Denver Zoo, and Staten Island Zoo are accepting the live toads as part of a nationwide effort to preserve the species.

  • Police arrest man, 84, on weapons charge

    By Jason W. Brooks
    Las Vegas Optic Editor

    Police arrested an 84-year-old man last week on charges he threatened people with a handgun outside a residence.

    Police were sent to 115 Alamo Street at about 3 p.m. Monday for a report of a man wielding a gun and demanding to see his wife. Police arrived and found Ramon A. Rivera, 84, of Las Vegas, irate and yelling, asking for his wife, who was with the reporting party, a resident at that address.

  • Swayze memorabilia auction nets top dollar

    By Gwen Albers
    For the Optic

    During a late-April West Hollywood celebrity auction, a retired Houston real estate developer paid $50,000 for the leather jacket Patrick Swayze wore in the 1987 hit film “Dirty Dancing.”

    “It’s an investment,” said Glenn Johnson. “It will increase in value. It’s iconic.”

    The owner of more than 800 items that once belonged to Elvis Presley, Johnson also purchased a suit Swayze wore in the 1989 film “Road House” for $8,000.

  • AVRH honors Physician of Year

    Submitted to the Optic

    Alta Vista Regional Hospital recently honored Dr. Chenthuran Deivaraju as its 2017 Physician of the Year.

    According to a news release from the hospital, the selected physician best met criteria that demonstrates compassionate patient and family care, recognizes all health care disciplines as partners in care, treats employees with respect and dignity, recognizes and supports team efforts within the patient care setting, and helps educate and develop patient care providers,.

  • Lottery funds lag by $8 million

    The Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE — As New Mexico’s higher education officials near a deadline for deciding whether to roll back scholarship assistance for tens of thousands of college students, lottery officials said Thursday they’re transferring less money into the fund that supports the program.

    Transfers of lottery proceeds through April are lagging by nearly $8 million compared to the same time last year.

  • Pence tries to keep low profile

    The Associated Press
    WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence has tiptoed gingerly through the chaos engulfing the White House — offering loyalty to his boss, while trying to avoid the spreading stain of scandal.

    It hasn’t been easy, and it’s getting harder by the day.

  • In Brief - News - May 21, 2017

    The Associated Press
    AGs pledge fight for ACA
    LOS ANGELES — Democratic attorneys general in more than a dozen states announced Thursday they would attempt to intervene in a federal lawsuit that threatens to undercut funding for the Affordable Care Act.

    The legal move is intended to give the states a foothold in the case that could disrupt the lives of millions of Americans.

  • Threat should have been quashed

    The following editorial was published in the Los Angeles Times on May 16:

    The particularly nasty computer program dubbed “WannaCry” that attacked hospitals, businesses and government agencies around the world this past weekend was like a cybercrime highlight reel, a compilation of by-now familiar elements — conscience-free cybercriminals, an obscure vulnerability in Microsoft Windows, older and ill-maintained corporate computer networks and computer users tricked into opening booby-trapped email attachments — that played out on an epic scale.

  • Editorial Cartoon - May 21, 2017
  • Straight from the City: City works on collaboration

    It does surprise me when some folks still ask, “What has the city done over the past year?”

    I can tell you first-hand that the city has been a whirlwind of activity, since I came on board seven months ago.

    What the City has been doing is too broad a topic to address in a single column, so I’ll just touch on a few of the high points.

    Let’s start with water.

    The city has been working diligently to resolve the half-century-long dispute with our acequias in a way that leaves all parties winners.